September 2010


Girls In The Nose - Honorary Heterosexual Lesbian (1990)

Part 3 - 62:48
Bobbi Carmitchell - Over the Rainbow (1987)
Janis Ian - Commercials (1994)
Janis Ian - All the Way Home (1996)
Zonna - Straight (1995)
Musica Femina - New Beginnings (1984)
Musica Femina - April Toye (1985)
Jamie Anderson - Where the Water Runs
           Deep (1986)
Girls In The Nose - Hey, Chastity (1992)
Linda Moakes - Cool Fetus / Affirmations (1987)
Leah Zicari - Martina (1990)
DJ Adler - Politically Correct (1982)
Tracey Rose - Lesbian Rap (1996)
Chandler & Ripley - #1 (1993)
Margie Adam - I've Got a Fury (live, 1977)
New Haven Night Angels - We're Going to
      Make It (live, 1977)
Izquierda - Blue Eyed Sister (live, 1977)
Destiny - It's Alright (1992)

National Women's Music Festival 1977 Tracks


The studio version of Margie Adam's "I've Got a Fury" is on her "Songwriter" LP,
and Izquierda's only album is shown below, the song I played was not on it.
I have NO information about the New Haven Night Angels and would Love some,
if you have any, or photos, please email me


The tracks I shared with you come from amateur recordings done at the NWMF
in 1975 and 1977, the entire recordings of which can be found on This Page


Since the information on these tapes is so historic and hard to find, I've
scanned the entire cassette liners -- Click the tape above for those pages.
This often includes complete lyrics, and for some additional photos.