April 2010
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This month I'm pleased to bring you interviews with six young artists, all with excellent new CDs. And all, with the exception of Jeff Heiskell, are sophomore releases. In the first part you'll hear from Christopher Dallman and Mike Rickard, and in Part 2 from Brett Every and Dylan Rice. And Part 3 brings us Richard Cortez and Jeff Heiskell (solo artist and former front man of The Judybats). Travelling the world, that's from Los Angeles to Atlanta to Sydney to Chicago to Ft Lauderdale to Knoxville...accompanied by over 3 hours of great music.


Click for lots of photos of the artists and their recordings

Part 1 - 57:43
Christopher Dallman - Anthem (2009)
Christopher Dallman Interview
Christopher Dallman - Gimme More (2009)
Christopher Dallman - Toxic (2009)
Christopher Dallman - Baby One More Time (2009)
Christopher Dallman - Over My Head (2004)
Christopher Dallman - Has Been (2009)
Christopher Dallman - Music on the Radio (2006)
Christopher Dallman - Coming Around (2009)
Mike Rickard Interview
Mike Rickard - Natural (2004)
Mike Richard - Anything of Nothing (2009)
Mike Rickard - Stupid Stuff Like That (2009)
Mike Rickard - When the Hot Cools Down (2009)
Mike Rickard - Just Like New (2009)
Mike Rickard - Sweat (2009)

Part 2 - 66:06
Brett Every - Sailor (2008)
Brett Every Interview
Brett Every - Devereaux (2008)
Brett Every - Prince Charming (2009)
Brett Every - Mr Smith (2009)
Brett Every - Come Back Jimmy Dean (2009)
Brett Every - The Fire That Was Never Lit (2009)
Dylan Rice - Just Like You (2004)
Dylan Rice Interview
Dylan Rice - Homewrecker's Lament (2009)
Dylan Rice - Rome (2009)
Dylan Rice - The Lie (2004)
Dylan Rice - Abide by Love (2009)
Dylan Rice & Chuck Panozzo - Faces of Victory (2006)

Part 3 - 66:56
Richard Cortez - Be Alright (2010)
Richard Cortez Interview
Richard Cortez - Craving Something Beautiful (2005)
Richard Cortez - Body of Water (2010)
Richard Cortez - Sleeping With Strangers (2010)
Richard Cortez - Ode to Johns (2010)
Richard Cortez - The Mourning After (2010)
Richard Cortez - Crazy Fool (2010)
Jeff Heiskell Interview
Heiskell - I Want the World To Change (2009)
Judybats - Hiding From the Face of God (2000)
Judybats - Our Story (1992)
Judybats - Native Son (1991)
Heiskell - The Death of Knoxville Cool (2007)
Heiskell - Gasoline (2007)
Heiskell - The Chubby Guy Song (2009)
Heiskell - Best Broken Dream (2008)
Heiskell - Jolene (2008)

Christopher Dallman

"Some people have taken it as me
making fun of Britney Spears and
it's really not that at all. It's some
sort of twisted homage, with a lot
of love and respect."

Mike Rickard

"I think overall I think the theme of
the entire CD is really about living
life in the moment…and you can't
do it by sitting on your duff."

Brett Every

"I describe [my style] a bit like Norah
Jones drinking with Tom Waits in
some smoky bar somewhere with
Dusty Springfield on the jukebox,
or something like that."

"My music is a cross between
nostalgic Brit-pop from the 80's and
folk Americana, so it's sort of like if
the Cowboy Junkies had a love
child with Morrissey…maybe."

Richard Cortez

"Sleeping With Strangers" gets a
really great response from people.
Even in the most crowded of bars
people get really quiet, because I think
that even the three words put together
are very taboo, so they kind of get very
quiet and interested in what I'm
about to say.


Jeff Heiskell

"It's the first time I've done an entire record
and decided to say, you know,
I'm a gay man doing a gay record.

Photos & Quotes, From Top to Bottom:
Christopher Dallman, Mike Rickard,
Brett Every, Dylan Rice,
Richard Cortez, and,
above, Jeff Heiskell