Part 2

August 2006

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Songs I've Been Meaning to Play, Part 2, Hour 2

Julie Gold's CD "The Girl I Found"

Singer/Songwriter Julie Gold wrote the Grammy-winning hit "From a Distance," and also the very different "Number Two," which appeared on her 2005 album "The Girl I Found."

Hour 2    64:13
Julie Gold - Number Two (2005)*
Pat Garrett - By George, I'm Glad I Ain't Boy George (1984)*
Boy George & Miss Guy - Pretty Boys (2004)*
Daniel Cartier - Pretty Boy (2005)*
Age of Consent - History Rap (1982)*
Sandy Rapp - Everyone Was At Stonewall (2005)*
Frances Faye - The Man I Love (demo clip, early 50s)*
Frances Faye - Drunk With Love (1953)*
Alix Korey - Old Fashioned Love Story (2000)
David Lasley - Joey, I Believe In Our Love (2001)*
Arnold McCuller -Goin' All Out of My Way (1999)*
David McAlmont - Saving All My Love For You (2005)
N Sync - Bye Bye Bye (part, 2000)
Darren Hayes - So Beautiful (2005)* 
The Czars - Where the Boys Are (2006)*
Pistol Pete & Popgun Paul - Never Be Straight (1998)*
Lenny Anderson - The Ballad of Dan White (1979)*
The Mondellos - White Night Riot (1979)*

Pat Garrett and his 45  Boy George & Miss Guy, photo by Tina Paul

Sort of a "Boy George" set, starting with country singer Pat Garrett's 1984 song "By George, I'm Glad I Ain't Boy George," and finishing with a 2004 duet by Boy George and punk artist Miss Guy, which I found on her page. They did the very nice "Pretty Boys." I followed it with another track from that site, "Pretty Boy," an unreleased song by Daniel Cartier. To the right of a very carefully cropped pic of Daniel is his latest CD, "Revial."

Daniel Cartier  "Revival" by Daniel Cartier

Sandy Rapp, with JD Doyle at the Outmusic Awards, June 2006   Sandy Rapp's CD "Still Marchin'"

Long-time author, songwriter and grassroots activist Sandy Rapp's song
"Everyone Was at Stonewall," was originally recorded in 1995, but this show
features her 2005 version, from the CD "Still Marchin'"

And below, a different kind of rap, by probably the earliest gay rap artists, the trio
John Callahan, David Hughes and Thea Other, who went by the name Age of Consent.
Their very, very political work, spanning 1981 to 1985 was collected in the recent
compilation, "Old School on the Down Low."

Age of Consent CD  Age of Consent

Frances Faye's 1978 LP

Frances Faye entertained jazz and cabaret fans for decades, and she was know to pepper act with numerous gay double entendres. The song "Drunk with Love" was written by gay entertainer Bruz Fletcher, who I featured on my June of 2004 show.

Alix Korey, right, has numerous Broadway, Off-Broadway and movie credits. Her contribution to lesbian music came in the 2000 show "The Wild Party," where she got to ham it up with the song "Old Fashioned (Lesbian) Love Story."

Alix Korey


This Frances Faye collage, and the matchbook, come from the wonderful tribute site created by Tyler Alpern.
It's a true fansite with a scholarly approach and should be the ONLY place you begin your search for more
information on Frances Faye. Click here to go there (but please come back here...:)

Below, just a cool clipping I found, from 1941

David Lasley  David Lasley  Arnold McCuller

David Lasley and Arnold McCuller have been very in-demand background vocalists for about 25 years, on the albums of James Taylor, Bette Midler, Bonnie Raitt, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, and many others. And they both have their own releases. Lasley's very out song "Joey, I Believe in Our Love" came from his 2001 album "Expectations of Love," and Arnold McCuller's "Goin' All Out of My Way" was from his "You Can't Go Back" CD, from 1999.

David McAlmont  Yup, Lance Bass is gay  Darren Hayes

David McAlmont has released a number of albums in the UK, with Bernard Butler, under the name McAlmont & Butler, but his latest release, from 2005, is the solo album "You Go to My Head," which contained his wonderful rendition of Whitney Houston's hit, "Saving All My Love For You."

You must have heard by now that Lance Bass has come out of the closet, big time, on the cover of People Magazine. Of course he was part of the very successful boy band N'Sync. No word yet of any solo releases. In the UK Aussie artist Darren Hayes, of Savage Garden, made his own news, with the announcement on his website: "On June 19th 2006 I married my boyfriend of two years, Richard, in a Civil Partnership ceremony in London. I can honestly say it was the happiest day of my life." He dedicated his latest single to his partner, and it's called "So Beautiful."


Above, the CD "Sorry I Made You Cry" by The Czars was released last year in the UK (where their label is based) but just this year in the states. The group's lead singer John Grant is originally from Denver and after a few years in Europe is now in NYC. This is their sixth album, and a bit different, as it's all cover versions, which gave Grant an opportunity to play with the pronouns, getting his sexuality a bit more out front than on their prior releases. Of course I had to have the album, as I need Every male version of "Where the Boys Are"

"Fine Red Wine" 1998  their rare 1995 cassette "The Rise of Superfag!"  "Son of a Gun" 2000

Pete Sturman and Paul Cowgill are the duo Pistol Pete & Popgun Paul and between 1995 and 2000 they released a cassette and two CDs. I took "Never Be Straight" from their 1998 album "Fine Red Wine." And below, the guys prove that there's nothing like a little gratuitous nudity to catch the eye


two songs about Dan White   The Mondellos 45

Time for some more history. You all should know about the killings of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk by Dan White, in San Francisco in November of 1978. In May of the next year White went on trial and when he was only given a sentence of seven years the city erupted and the riots that followed were called the White Night Riots. I'm playing two songs inspired by these events. First, by Lenny Anderson you'll hear "The Ballad of Dan White" and following it will be "White Night Riot" by the Mondellos. By the way, another "Dan White" song was on the flip side of Anderson's song. It was called "Twinkie Insantity" and was written and sung by Art Peterson.

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