August 2014
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A show with a special focus, Teen View: Music of LGBT Youth.And what I
want to do is give voice to our young people, and share how they expressed
their struggles, frustrations, loves and longings in song. Now most
of these were not written when the artists were actually teens, but
they were able to remember and share those feelings. And I hope this sharing
connects with my younger listeners, and also those who want to look back.


Part 1 - 58:56
Meg Christian - Ode to a Gym Teacher (1974)
Alix Dobkin - Crushes (1990)
DykeAppella - I Was a Teenage Lesbian (1998)
Romanovsky & Phillips - Outfield Blues (1984)
Bitesize - Switch Hitter (1999)
Meg Hentges - This Kind of Love (1999)
Tom Robinson & Sector 27 - Where Can We Go Tonight (1980)
David Sereda - Underage Blues (1981)
Diverse Harmony - Our World (2004)
Julian Hornik - Altoona, Pennsylvania (2012)
Ryan Dolan - Start Again (2014)
Steve Cohen - Mr. Wilson (1995)
Jen Foster - The Underdogs (2005)
Bare - You & I / Best Kept Secret (2007)
Harry Wingfield - I Do, I Do, I Do (1992)
Barnes - Boy With a Secret (1998)

Part 2 - 68:04
Matt Fishel - Football Song (2013)
Chris Riffle - 5th Grade / Wonderboy (2003)
Cellar Door - Boy Wonder / New Boy (2004)
Scott Free - Like a Girl (2008)
Scott Free - Another Day of Cruelty (2004)
Theory Hazit & Toni Shift - Concealed Sorrow (2011)
Anna Gutmanis - Another Way Out (2012)
Peto - Scout's Honor (2000)
Romanovsky & Phillips - My Mother's Clothes (1988)
Kate Reid - Boys Who Wear Dresses (2013)
Namoli Brennet - Boy in a Dress (2002)
Matthew Cloran - The Prince (2000)
Coleman Lindberg - 4 Inches Away (2000)
Dreams of Hope - Gender Identity (2008)
Grant King - James and Me (1993)
A Perfectly Normal Boy - Just a Little Kid Who Likes Showtunes (2008)
Teenage Homo - Teenage Homo (2007)

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This show was inspired by the Houston group HATCH, which is dedicated to empowering LGBTQIA youth. Founded in 1987, it's been a wonderful resource for our community.

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