There have been two awards shows, designed particularly to honor the music of GLBT artists, the GLAMAs and the OMAs. The GLAMAS (Gay and Lesbian American Music Awards) were given out from 1996 through 1999, when the organization folded. The OMAs (Outmusic Awards) are sponsored by the organization Outmusic, which began around 1990. They began in 2001 to give out awards, in part to help fill the void left by the departure of the GLAMAS, and most certainly by the need for us to honor our music. I've set up separate pages for the GLAMAs and OMAs, as well as pages of photos from the events.

Outmusic Awards


GLAMA Photos

My special Queer Music Heritage shows on the OMA recipients:

July 2002
July 2003
July 2004
July 2005  
July 2006

Each of my QMH OMA shows has extra photo sections.

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