A classic song written and sung by French artist Charles Aznavour.
It tells a very poignant story, and has been recorded numerous times.
Click on the links to hear various versions.

Charles Aznavour
What Makes a Man a Man?

Other versions:

Reg Livermore (1974) at 52:00

Larry Paulette (1977)

Larry Paulette - What Makes a Man a Man? (1977)
Logan Walker (1986)

Marc Almond (1993 & 1995)

George Daniel Long (2008)

and, oddly...Liza Minnelli (2009)

Jason Wood (2011)

John Kelly (2008)

Bailey Ritz (2010)

Blues Horror Brigade (2011) strange

Lara Fabian (2012) also, oddly
this song does NOT work done by a woman

Xam Hurricane (2018 Fr Voice)

also done exquisitely by Logan Carter
in the film "Gender" by Derek Calderwood, which
I've seen a clip from, but I have found no video