Mixed Emotions

When I added my Camp Records page I added this one, and it is not even a record,
but it does fit in with the spirit of that section. The album cover below was just that.
It was just a cover, there was no album. It was a novelty item, dated 1964. The text on the back read:

Suggested titles, suitable for enclosure in this Album Cover, are as follows:
On The Achison, Topeka and the Santa Fey
Mad About the Boy
He's Funny That Way
Balling the Jack
It Could Happen to You
A Wonderful Guy
People Will Say We're In Love
The Boy Next Door
We Kiss in the Shadow
My Funny Valentine
Come Fly With Me
What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor

ad for Mixed Emotions

Above, an ad for the "album" from the April 1964 edition of "One Magazine"
Below, the 12" round cardboard insert in the album

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