Script for December 2000, QMH:

Gay Liberation Quire-hark the herald fairies shout (1981)

Welcome to Lesbian & Gay Voices on KPFT and this segment is called Queer Music Heritage. I'm JD Doyle and I'm here on the 4th Monday of each month to bring you an hour devoted to our culture's music. This is my special Christmas edition, featuring the Christmas music you won't be sick of by now. Because all of the music you're going to hear is by gay & lesbian artists, and most of it is lyrically gay.

South Coast Chorale - coming out for christmas

My introduction started out with "Hark the herald fairies shout" and is one of those songs you get second or third hand and are not completely sure of its source. I was told that it came from a "This Way Out" radio broadcast, so I'm giving them the credit.

[Note: some time after this show aired I became friends with the producer of This Way Out, and was able to learn that it was the Gay Liberation Quire from Australia singing "hark the herald fairies shout" from 1981]

And I finished with part of another variation of the same song, this time called "coming out for christmas" by the South Coast Chorale from Long Beach, California.

My next song is called "an old-fashioned lesbian xmas," and is from a 1995 musical called "Coming Out, Coming Home," produced by the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas. It is sung by Amy Mills, Mary K Butler, Valerie Clark & Janey Hall. It will be followed by the song "shades of christmas," and you'll have no trouble picking out the colors.

Amy Mills, Mark K Butler, Valerie Clark & Janey Hall - an old-fashioned lesbian xmas
Aria - shades of christmas

In Chicago there is an organization called Windy City Performing Arts, which is the umbrella group for several singing groups. "Shades of christmas" was sung by Aria, which is the name of their women's ensemble.

For those of you on the internet, I've set up a special web page for this show, where you can see photos of most of the artists and recordings, and view the playlist.

Now I'm going to change the pace, with two songs where the singers are not that happy about it being christmas. The first is Martin Swinger, singing "christmas blues" from his 1998 album "Scrapbook" and is also on his new CD "BearNaked". That's "bear" spelled b-e-a-r. And it will be followed by Robb Williams singing "I don't remember christmas." That one is from Robb's excellent 1998 CD called "What More Can I Say?"

Martin Swinger - christmas blues
Robb Williams - I don't remember christmas

That was Martin Swinger and Robb Williams.

The next two songs are a little more optimistic. First is a very pretty duet by Gary Imhoff & Robert Patteri called "our first christmas". It's from a 1993 musical called "All That He Was." And then B. D. Wong will sing "wishing you a drag queen christmas."

Gary Imhoff & Robert Patteri - our first christmas
B.D. Wong - wishing you a drag queen christmas

"Wishing You A Drag Queen Christmas"

you've been under the weather for a long time
and haven't been able to shop
this room's a bit drab, you need something fab
something really over the top
christmas is a time for overdoing
a season when more is more
so don't be distressed you're not looking your best
that's what make-up is for

i'm wishing you a drag queen christmas
full of tinsel and glitter and bows
with glamorous gowns complimenting your frowns
and diamonds on your hose

a very special drag queen christmas
full of champagne and caviar
when you trim your tree in festive finery
may your hair be as high as a star

cause you, you deserve to be gorgeous
after all you've been through
with platform heels so high
you'll look angels in the eye
and they will sing backup for you-oo-oo

i'm wishing you a drag queen christmas
with lipstick as wet as santa's suit
mascara for days, fingernails all ablaze
and baskets filled with fruit

a very special drag queen christmas
with champagne and caviar
when you trim your tree in festive finery
may your hair be as high as a star
may your hair be as high as a star
may your hair be as high as a star in the sky
may your hair be as high as a star

The BD Wong song is from a 1993 double CD called "Cabaret Noel: A Broadway Cares Christmas." Broadway Cares is a charity group of mostly Broadway artists that raises money to fight AIDS. From that same album is a little comedy selection by Jaston Williams, taken from "Tuna Christmas," which was just twisted enough to appeal to me, and it will be followed by something else twisted.

Jaston Williams - tuna christmas
Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas - walkin' round in women's underwear

That last song of course was "walkin' round in women's underwear" by Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio, from the 1993 CD "I Am Santa Claus."

Judy Garland - have yourself a very merry christmas

Thank you, Judy.
This would be a good time to take a break and remind you that you are listening to Queer Music Heritage, a part of Lesbian & Gay Voices on KPFT, Houston. Also, be sure to listen to KPFT every Saturday night at midnight for After Hours with Jimmy Carper. It's Queer Radio With Attitude.

Pansy Division - homo christmas

I ended that little promo with Pansy Division singing a bit of "homo christmas" from their 1995 album, "Pile Up." I wish I could play the whole song, but it's just not ready for radio, or maybe radio isn't ready for them.

Before we get back to the music, I've something kind of special. It's not a gay artist but it does have a certain camp appeal. It's from 1950 and it's Joan Crawford with her children giving a broadcast of a christmas visit. From what we know now, at least from the movie "Mommie Dearest," there are some very telling lines in it.

Joan Crawford Xmas visit

In the movie "Mommie Dearest" there was a scene similar to this, but the original was so much more revealing. Well, at least in front of the cameras, Joan Crawford's favorite xmas song was "silent night." I wonder what she would have thought of this next song.

Venus Envy - I'll be a homo for xmas

No queer christmas show would be complete without Venus Envy. That was them singing the title song from their 1995 CD "I'll be a homo for xmas."

Next up are two songs from a xmas album I really love. In New York for several years now there has been an organization called Outmusic. It is a network of lesbian & gay performers, composers, producers and others who support our music. There is a link to their website from mine. In 1995 about two dozen of these artists got together to record christmas songs written by fellow member Richard Foltz. These are wonderful songs, and the performers are also excellent, including Patrick Arena and Andy Monroe, who I played last month on my show, and Steve Cohen, Tom McCormack, Dan Martin, David Clement, Laura Wetzler, and others. I had a difficult time picking just two songs but decided on Grant King singing one called "music" and the group Sons & Lovers singing "if you get down at christmas."

Grant King - music
Sons & Lovers - if you get down at christmas

Again, the title of the album is "Richard Foltz, A Songwriter's Christmas."

Next up are a couple of xmas parody songs. The set starts off with the Go Go Boys, from their CD "Gay Apparal Christmas Songs" from 1996 and is one of the few songs from that album that I can play on the radio.

Go Go Boys - boys to the world
Choral Majority - it came upon a midnight clear

After the Go Go Boys was the Choral Majority from 1982, singing "it came upon a midnight clear." That's from a very rare album, which I wish I had, called "The Choral Majority's Greatest Hits". It included such gems as "we three queers" and "god rest you merry dykes and fags."

Up next is a special xmas greeting from the group Erasure, from 1987, followed by Melissa Etheridge doing her version of "santa claus is coming to town." And, so as not to forget the end of the year, Melissa will be followed by gay artist Rufus Wainwright, doing just a bit of the classic "what are you doing new year's eve" which came from a Gap TV commercial two years ago

Erasure - silent night
Melissa Etheridge - santa claus is coming to town
Rufus Wainwright - what are you doing nye

I want to thank you for listening to Queer Music Heritage. If you have questions or comments about any of the music I've featured, including maybe where to track them down, I'd be glad to help, so please email me. This is JD Doyle for Lesbian & Gay Voices on KPFT in Houston, and I'll be back on the 4th Monday of next month with another installment of Queer Music Heritage.

For my closing song I've picked something from, in my opinion, one of the best gay christmas CDs of the last few years, RuPaul's CD called "Ho Ho Ho," from 1997. From it I've picked "rupaul the red-nosed drag queen."

RuPaul - rupaul the red-nosed drag queen