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December 2005
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Special This Month..Two Xmas Shows!! Click to Listen1 or Listen2 Above.

Playlist    (airdate 12/19/05) internet show 78:00
4 Poofs & a Piano - Christmas Fairies (2005)
Bob Downe - Here Come the Reindeer (2000)
DC Anderson -Department Stores Mean Christmas (2001)
Jeremy Gloff - Christmas Alone (2003)
Candye Kane and Country Dick Montana -
     Let's Put the X Back in Christmas (1992)
Hedda Lettuce - Christmas 2002
Daniel Cartier Interview Comments (2005)
Daniel Cartier - Tomorrow Will Be Christmas (2004)
Daniel Cartier - Perfect Place for Christmas (2004)
Daniel Cartier - Jingle Bells (2004)
Chastity Bono -I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (1976)
Christian Left - Queer Christmas Wishes (1995)
Sisterfunk - This is What He Said (2003)
Mary Gauthier Interview Comments (2005)

Mary Gauthier - Christmas In Paradise (2002)
Jay Spears Comments (2005)
Jay Spears - Jay's Christmas Song (2005)
Julian Clary - Walking In a Winter Wonderland (1993)
Fiely Matias -I'll See You in Hell (a Christmas Wish) ('99)
Dame Edna - Spooky Christmas (1988)
Kinsey Sicks - God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians (2005)
Kinsey Sicks - Jingle Bells, Don't Ask, Don't Tell (2005)
Kinsey Sicks - Harried Little Christmas (2005)
Kinsey Sicks - Christmas Medley (2005)
Daniel Cartier - Auld Lang Syne (2004)

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Playlist    (airdate 12/26/05) internet show 76:02
Kinsey Sicks - Til the Season to Drink Stoli (2005)
Kinsey Sicks - I Had a Little Facial (2005)
El Vez - Dreydel Song (2002)
El Vez -I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (2002)
Dave Hall - Santa Claus Blues (2005)
Dave Hall - Christmas in Vermont (2005)
Cam Clarke - If These Walls (2005)
Cam Clarke - Tennessee Christmas (2005)
Betty - Jingle Bells (1993)
Springfields - We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1961)
VonTanner - Santa Claus You're Fat (2004)
Mike Rickard - Home for the Holidays (2004)
Dora Bryan - If I Were A Fairy (1963)
No You Turn - A Christmas Song (1988)
Gerard Joling - Lonely This Christmas (1997)
Indigo Girls - The River (1995)
Lisa Koch - You'll Never Melt My Heart (1995)
Shawn Thomas Interview Comments (2005)
Shawn Thomas - They Danced (2004)
Leah Zicari - Thursday in December (2003)
Ann Reed - Christmas Songs (2001)
Tom Grounds - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve      (2005)
Cast of "Freeway Dreams"- Bette Davis Chorus (1997)
Jimmy James - Feliz Navidad (2002)

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gay socks

Show #1  

4 Poofs & a Piano

  4 Poofs CDs     Bob Downe aka Mark Trevorrow

4 Poofs & APiano, out of the UK, debuted last year with their EP "Camp Up Your Christmas." This year they brought us "Christmas Fairies." Their brand new release is "Screamin' Party Anthems," and each Poof rotates through in the center pic. Right, from Oz Bob Downe is the Prince of Polyester, a character created by cabaret artist Mark Trevorrow.


DC Anderson CDs    Jeremy Gloff CDs    Candye Kane

Above, albums by cabaret singer/songwriter D.C. Anderson, and the prolific Jeremy Gloff. Right, Candye Kane, whose latest album is called "White Trash Girl"


Hedda poster

Hedda Lettuce is NYC's Drag Queen Extraordinaire. While she does not have an album of her own, she's appeared on several, such as the the very fun "Abbalicious"

"Abbalicious" with a cast of drag stars

Hedda Lettuce

Daniel Cartier

Cartier CDs

Above, Daniel's self-released 2004 Xmas CD, and beneath it, his latest regular CD. Below, obviously when he Un-Donned his gay apparal.

ah, Daniel...

Daniel Cartier poster, would have loved to have see that show

Above, concert poster, and below a shot when
I met Daniel at the Outmusic Awards in 2002

JD & Daniel, 2002


   Chastity & parents     Chastity, 1976

Chastity Bono, future lesbian at age 7, on the Sonny & Cher Christmas Special, 1976


Christian Left

Christian Left is a very queer, and rare cassette-only release. His real name is Stuart Boardman and if you know how to contact him, please let me know.

Sister Funk

Above, Sisterfunk, and below, Fiely Matias

Fiely Matias

Mary Gauthier

Mary Gauthier CDs  Mary & JD, 2004  Mary Gauthier CDs 

I had the great pleasure of featuring Mary Gauthier in my May 2005 show, and the way she talks about her music is just fascinating. "Christmas In Paradise" came from her 2002 CD, "Filth & Fire"

Jay's sharp logo

Jay Spears  Jay Spears  Jay Spears

In this day of digital downloads Jay Spears just this month made available his wonderful "Jay's Christmas Song"


Julian Clary VHS  Julian Clary, as Joan Collins Fan Club  Julian Clary

I love the humor of UK comedian Julian Clary. I got his Christmas song from a 1993 video of his
"Sticky Moments" TV show, but his best musical feat was his parody of "Leader of the Pack"

Dame Edna  Kinseys in Concert

Upper left, Dame Edna (Barry Humphries) Xmas DVD. Last year I brought you still another
holiday song by her. And on the right my favorite Dragapella darlings, the Kinsey Sicks.

Kinsey Sicks CDsKinsey Sicks CDsKinsey Sicks CDsKinsey Sicks CDsKinsey Sicks CDs

A Little "Gay" Holiday Nostalgia

Camels  Christmas Dressings

click for a larger version  Xmas 1942

     Look what was found under this 1960 Xmas tree....Click the pic to see larger version

Well, with 29 different artists and two shows, I'm going
to spread them over two main pages, click for page 2
Artist Links

my little girl, Parker....1 1/2 year-old schnoodlerainbow tree

  above, my little girl, Parker

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A Christmas Yuleblog

by Robert Martinez

My xmas CD, as it looks when I send copies to GLBT archives

Wow, am I pleased! One of my internet friends, Robert Martinez, wrote a very detailed review of my queer xmas shows, and posted it on his could say he liked it...:) Click to read his review.

"Unexpected Guests" and "December 18, 12:27 a.m."

"Unexpected Guests," depicting departed friends who are still in our hearts

These wonderful paintings are used with permission of and are copyrighted by
the artist, Rick Chris, who reserves all rights. Please visit his fascinating site, at

And, in February one of my internet friends who has a Christmas Blog, posted a "review" of my 2005 show. It's a bit over-the-top in his praise, but hey, who am I to to read it.