December 2009
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Playlist - Part 1 - airdate 12/21/09, 59:55

Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio - Walkin' Round in
          Women's Underwear (1993)
Venus Envy - I'll Be a Homo For Christmas (1995)
Cris Williamson - Greetings of the Season (1985)
Choral Majority - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (1981)
Gay Liberation Quire - God Help You Merry Dykes and Poofs (1981)
Gay Liberation Quire - Hark the Herald Fairies Shout (1981)
Brady Earnhart - Honey Don't Think Your Mama Don't Know (2003)
Dennis Hensley - Doesn't Seem Like Christmas (1999)
RuPaul - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Drag Queen (1997)
Holiday Express - Disco Santa (2000)
Pledge Drive and One of Each - Christmas Rhapsody (2003)
Pansy Division - Homo Christmas (1995)
Holly Near comments (2009)
Holly Near & Brian Lane Green - O Holy Night (1993)
BD Wong - Wishing You a Drag Queen Christmas (1993)
Gary Imhoff & Robert Patteri - Our First Christmas (1993)
Martin Swinger - Christmas Blues (1998)
Jimmy James - Feliz Navidad (2002)


Above, Christmas classics all, Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio, Venus Envy and Cris Williamson's "Snow Angel"


Lots of history here: The Choral Majority and the Gay Liberation Quire

My December 2001 show featured an interview with a Choral Majority member



Above, CDs by Brady Earnhart and Dennis Hensley; below of course is RuPaul



Above, Holiday Express and One of Each,
And below, Pansy Division and Martin Swinger


Holly Near  Brian Lane Green

I took two tracks from the wonderful compilation "Cabaret Noel: A Broadway Cares Christmas."
These included a duet by Holly Near and Brian Lane Green, with updated lyrics,
and a fun song by BD Wong

Cabaret Noel   BD Wong

and from the 1993 AIDS musical "All That He Was" came "Our First Christmas,"
beautifully sung by Gary Imhoff and Robert Patteri


Jimmy James

That's Jimmy James wishing you her own style Christmas

Jimmy James CD