December 2009
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Steve Cohen

Above, Steve Cohen
Below, Jay Brannan and the Topp Twins

Jay Brannan

Michael Feinstein


Playlist - Part 3 - 78:16

Ernie Lijoi - All I Want for Christmas Is You (2002)
Steve Cohen - The Christmas Song (2008)
Jay Brannan - Christmas Really Sucks This Year (2009)
Soce the Elemental Wizard - Winter Wonderland (2009)
Michael Feinstein - If I Hear Another Song About Christmas (2001)
Gloria - Ireland's Gay & Lesbian Choir - Ring Christmas Bells (2004)
Ronan Keating & Steven Gately - Little Drummer Boy (2009)
Steven Gately & Kelly - Last Christmas (2001)
Steven Gately from Boyzone Christmas Greeting (1999)
Steven Gately - I Believe (2000)
Dudley Saunders - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (2008)
Ernest Lijoi - Merry Everything (2009)
Lesbian Vampire Killers movie promo - Hark (2009)
Lizzy the Lezzy - xmas song (2007)
The Firmturds - Oh Well Noel (2003)
Jake Monaco - Gloria (2009)
Jake Monaco - Waited So Long (2009)
Jake Monaco - It's Christmas Time (2009)
Humousexual - Come Take My Hand in Winter (2009)
Fever Fever - Hallelujah Carol (2008)
Fever Fever - Little Drummer Boy (2009)
Blue Minkies - Christmas Means Nothing Without Presents (2005)
Blue Minkies - Blue Christmas (2006)
David Brown - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2006)
Roger Kuhn - I Heard There Was a Star (2009)
Jill Sobule - Christmas Time Is Here (2005)
Holly Near - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve (19

4x Ernie Lijoi

Soce, aka Andrew Singer

Above, 4 doses of Ernie Lijoi,
And Soce the Elemental Wizard, aka Andrew Singer
Below, Michael Feinstein's
Rare Holiday CD, from 2001

Michael Feinstein "An Intimate Holiday"

Steven Gately Tribute

Gloria   Steven Gately

Boyzone  Steven Gately CD

Above, the 2004 album by Gloria, Ireland's Gay & Lesbian Choir,
And a "fake" Steven Gately xmas card I found on the net.
Also, Boyzone's 1999 Xmas Greeting appeared on their CD single
Of "Everyday I Love You;" and Steven's 2000 "New Beginning" CD


Dudley Saunders  yes, Bear All

Above, Dudley Saunders and a concert poster featuring him along with Ernie Lijoi, Scott Free and Tom Yore

Lesbian Vampire Killers 


Oh, those Lesbian Vampire Killers, Lizzy the Lezzy and The Firmturds. Sorry, could not
find a pic of The Firmturds so the cover of "Ho Ho Homocrime" CD will have to suffice.

And thinking more about those Lesbian Vampire Killers...are they lesbians who kill vampires,
or the killers of lesbian vampires?...I bet I can guess...


   Jake Monaco

"Make the Yuletide Gay"...the soundtrack, the DVD, and singer/songwriter Jake Monaco


Visit CherryAde Records

Fever Fever ...Ellie, Smit, Rosie

The latest volume of CherryAde Records' xmas compilations features UK queer acts Humousexual and Fever Fever

Below, Brighton's Blue Minkies

Blue Minkies

David Brown   Roger Kuhn EP

David Brown; and a Christmas EP by Roger Kuhn…no, it doesn't contain this year's song,
but I recommend it. Below, Jill Sobule's 2005 holiday EP, and Holly Near's 1997 album.

Jill Sobule   Holly Near