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Johnstone Bennet

Do not know if Bennet had sheet music, but this is a logical place for her info

Stage favorite, Known for Mannish Attire, Passes Away
New York, April 20, 1906

Miss Johnstone Bennett the actress who had made Bloomfield NJ her home for about seven
years died a day or two ago of tuberculosis. She was ill for two years.

She began her stage career when 19 years of age playing with Richard Mansfield One of her
greatest successes was in 'The Female Drummer'. She appeared also in vaudeville.

Miss Bennett was born in Havre France 30 years ago and was the daughter of Wm H Valentine Cronlse.
Her mother died at her birth and she was adopted by Miss Mary Bennett. When the latter died the girl
was again adopted by Sibyl Johnstone, the actress. At the death of Miss Johnstone, Miss Bennett assumed
the name of Johnstone Bennett.
Miss Bennett gained notoriety for her penchant for wearing mannish attire
both in the street and on the stage and also by the fact that she retired from the stage more than a year ago and
established a haberdashery business in this city. She made a success venture attracting a large custom by
showing young men the latest things in neckware and pajamas. At her Bloomfield home, she was famous
as a chicken farmer donning overalls and a broad straw hat to care for her feathered tribe.
The remains of
Miss Bennett were taken to Middle Village L.I. and cremated in accordance with her dying wishes.
Her ashes were scattered to the winds. She also desired that there be no flowers or coaches at her funeral
and her wish was carried out.

She was apparently big news all over. In 1894 when the French steamer La Bretagne was caught on a
sand bar near Long Island, it was treated with a blend of news and gossip, with her "arrival" netting attention.