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Francis Renault

8/5/95 - 5/29/55
birth year often given as 1893

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One of the most famous, born Antonio Auriemma in Naples Italy

I recently found the sheet music below, from 1913, showing "Auriema" and despite the slight
spelling difference I believe this is a Very early appearance on sheet music by Francis Renault

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below, circa 1903


reference below indicates Renault WAS performing under the name Auriemma in 1913

and Avery Willard's thorough 1971 book also ties together , as performers, Auriema and Francis Renault

and, two clippings below, seems likely "Antonio" Auriemma, boy soprano, became the female impersonator.
Both the pieces above and below mention the Gus Edwards company

Above, the "Mrs. McKinley" referred to was wife of President William McKinley,
who was assinated in 1901. Mrs. McKinley died in 1907

Below, earliest clipping I found, 1915, naming Francis Renault
he would only be 20 or 22 at this time
so it seems that late in 1914 Auriemma became Francis





Above left, mention of his NYC "Club Renault"
Note this was after the famous raids on female impersonation clubs in late 1930
and early 1931, but then, the ad doesn't actually say the club was open at the time



Below, just a few months before his death on 5/29/55


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