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Jimmy Callaway  

(1926 - June 15, 1998)

   Jimmy was a headliner at the Club My-O-My in New Orleans

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On the above he opens with "Hello, Dolly," and the rest is corny comedy, delivered with his own spirited style.
That it also was released with a blue label implies a second pressing....surprising.

Jimmy Callaway recorded two 45 rpm records. The one above is from probably the 60s,
and is very rare. Oddly, the joke on the pic sleeve cover is not in the routine.

Click to hear the entire 11 minutes.

Jimmy's very, very rare early "swing" album.

The liner notes make no mention of his female impersonation career, which the photo also reflects.
And, if he was 28, then this LP and likely the 45s are from 1954.

And he had another very rare 45, obviously from around the same time
as the above album, with interestingly, two tracks not on it.


This 45 had two pressings, with different labels, with the white version probably first,
and more unusual, two different 45 pic sleeves, one drag and one not, likely for
different marketing options...the drag one probably sold at the club. The backs of the
two pic sleeves were identical, except for the ink color. The drag photo was one of
the standard ones used on My-O-My programs.

   Click to hear both songs

and, he released another 45 rpm, probably 1954 or maybe 1955.
This was likely a "vanity" label, as Euturpe St was a residential address.
You would think they could correctly spell "Tormé"...

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Below, from a publication called Tribe (January, 1996)