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Lynne Carter, aka Lynn Carter

                as himself, 80s

  Click for large scans of this album
(so you can read the writing on the back)

and check out this YouTube video from 1977
and This One
with some performance clips


  article from Gay News, 12/15/78


with Jewel Box Revue chorus boys   at JBR, 60s

as Josephine Baker   with
above left, as Josephine Baker, and right, with Scott Brady
and Richard Rober, in the 1949 movie, "Port of New York"

above, Charles Pierce and Lynne Carter

and below, early 70s, Carter, Russell, Blake & Pierce

below, from The Advocate, 2/12/75



1957 ad


Below, from Michael's Thing, 11/20/72

below, from "David" August 1973

a star of the Jewel Box Revue, these pics are from their magazines



Below, two very rare and unusual items. They are printing tins,
with raised letters, used for running off flyers.
They are about 3" across and 4" or 5" tall.
I've shown at right the "negative" image of each

please turn the page

and you're likely to find more pics of Carter scattered through these pages:

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and JBR at the Apollo