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Still More Jean Fredericks

I was very pleased to obtain a series of eight post cards of Jean, some autographed, and all from the late 60s. By the way, even on her own cards she spelled her name two different ways, Fredericks and Fredricks. These cards came from Bronson Smith, whose art
you can find at his site. As follows is his description of the cards.

"These post cards wer given to my late companion, John Boundy. He shared a pied a terre in England with Ms. Fredricks. It was just after his graduation from University of Toronto - Trinity College - his masters thesis was on the clothing habits of the urban homosexual. Mr. Boundy (July 18, 1939 - October 18, 1996) was a zealot when it came to exploring the social fabric that makes up our two nations - testing the boundries of life experiences, hence Bounders as a nickname for him...mind you, Sheena was John’s gay name in that time period as in “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle”

Below, back of above card, pass your mouse over the others to see the backs (if they were signed)

If you can supply more pics, I would Love to get them!

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