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and check out my November 2012 Interview with Michelle (and Jose Sarria)


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From 1962, 1967, 1969

1962   1967   1969         

And, upper right, she, and Jose Sarria, were gueat stars in the 1966 Sirlebrity Capades


It was very unusual for a female impersonation LP
to have two discs, and a gatefold album


While the above LP was advertized, Michelle has informed me that it was
never released; alas,
but the writers of her music put out an LP collection, "Here's To Us,"
with selections from both of her shows, plus another called "Affair Exchange"


While not a "gay" album, click for info on "Affair Exchange"

Below, an EP from the "It's Me Again" show, circa 1969. I don't have
this one, but if you know where I can get a copy, Please let me know


San Francisco's Vector Magazine loved covering Michelle, and it didn't hurt that the show was a benefit for
The Society for Individual Rights (S.I.R.), that published Vector. Here are three articles on her

Feb 1972

April 1972

August 1972

Trivia Note: in last paragraph above Director Chuck Zinn is mentioned. In 1981 he produced the musical "Sparkles," click for more

He is shown below in a 1979 clipping that unfortuntely does not tell who was starring in the production.

Above, Special 20-page tribute to Michelle from 1975
Download the PDF

And, who knew there was sheet music!

Click above to see Coronation Ball 1971 Program
below is a page from it on Michelle, who was one of the sponsors

And here are two more issues of Vector, from November 1965 and December 1966, that mention
Michelle in their event coverage, with photos. As they are pure history Click to see the entire issues