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Jan 2010 Update: You can hear the album, below...

Here's her VERY rare book,

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OR, you can download a PDF Version

And here's a delightful interview with Minette recently posted to YouTube

...and, in case the video is taken down, click for the audio file of it

Added Jan 2010, Click to hear the tracks...

and sort of a warning, not great singing, not great recording quality, you've got to Really want to hear these...:)

1 Come To Me At Tea Time
2 The Hot Hippie Rag
3 Minette's 69th Trip
4 On A Psycheldelic Astro-Flight
5 My Tripping-Out Rag
6 LBJ, Don't Take My Man Away
7 Revolutionary Blues
8 Grandpa's Rag
9 Hello, Big Boy
10 Pentagon, Please Be Gone
11 Hey! Hey! LBJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?
12 Come To Me At Tea-Time (Part Two)

  For more on Minette see my section on this book, by clicking here.


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Click for coverage of Minette in Female Mimics Magazine

And, from an auction I did not win...