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Drag Queen Names:

I just love how creative many drag queens have been in selecting their names. It's almost like a parlor game as I can picture a gaggle of them sitting around trading makeup hints and seeing who can come up with the best name. I wonder if the Imperial Court System has guidelines for that. Anyway, I love the ones that are play on words, and here are a few I've collected, many from the pages of the now defunct magazine, Dragazine. They are in no particular order, and most were, or are, real names.

Della Catessen
Anita Mann
Patty O. Furniture
Gloria Hole
Lois   Commondenominator
Candy Ass
Joan Jett Black
Pagan Holiday
Misty Cologne
Crystal DeCanter
Kitten Kaboodle
Amanda Reckonwith
Miss Inglink
Miss Construe
Marsha Dimes
Eileen Dover
Madam Ovary      
Rachel Tensions

Semi Sweet Charity
Tess Tosterone
Lilly White
Holly Mackerel
Karen Carpenteria
Helen Heels
Sofonda Cox
Hollee Luja
Hope Heelcum
Orna Mint
Sharon Needles
Holly Goheavily
Marianne Unfaithful
Jean Pool
Eva Destruction
Amber Waves
Nequelle Anne Dyme Bridgette of Madison    County
Visa Gold
Marsha Mellow
Agnes of Gosh
Bea Reasonable
Bessie Mae Mucho
Candy Wrapper
Catherine the Above    Average
Dee Flaytable
Clare Boothe Luce    Change
Rhea Listik
Rosie Cheeks
Snow White Trash
Venus de Mile-High Lo
Gail Force
Mary K. Mart
Jenny Tonic
Juan Nightstand Amanda Peon
Miss Diagnosed
Hedda Lettuce
Wilma Ballsdrop
Amanda Playwith
Devoida Taste
Iona Sextoy
Ivana B. Queen
Kaye Wye
Sharon Husbands
Paige Turner
Shanda Lier
Anna Rexia
Bertha Venation
Penny Tration
Anita Cocktail
Tequila Mockingbird
Ivana Cockatoo
Barbra Seville
Glenda Bender
Layona Davenport 
Ivana Kutchakockoff
Winnie Baygo
Ginger Vitis