DykeAppella - At the Gates of Heaven (1998)


   DykeAppella was: Tara Ayres, Normajean Bunton,
Nancy Gerber, Emily Jones and Tess Meuer.


   With permission of one of the founders of DykeAppella,
Tara Ayres, I am posting sound files for this wonderful album.

   Click on the titles on the CD listing above to hear a piece of each one.

    The album was recorded live at
The Gates of Heaven on May 24 & 25, 1997

For information on how to purchase the CD, write to:
117 Collins Street, Richmond, CA 94801
or email dykeappella@gmail.com.

or, check Amazon.com

above, the flyer for their farewell concert

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hear a bit of Lesbian Picnic hear Wake Me Up Gently, written by Deider McCalla hear Seduced, written by Gary Tigerman, additional words by Heather Bishop hear Amazon, written by Maxine Feldman hear Women's Bookstore, written by Anne Seale hear Femme at Heart, written by Woodwoman hear Plainsong, written by Judy Grahn & Kathy Younger hear Fine Night For Dancing, written by D.A. Clark hear Teenaged Lesbian, written by Kate Canon hear I'm Late Again, written by Casse Culver hear Breath on My Fire, written by Cathy Winter hear Is She Really...written by Joe Jackson hear Dream Away, written by Mikki McClune hear Wet Underwear, written by Mary Waitrovich & Tara Ayres hear Hollywood Haircut, written by Judy Reagan hear the very hidden track, "Sit On My Face" hear the very hidden track, "Sit On My Face" hear the very hidden track, "Sit On My Face"