Kenneth Marlowe...

Mr Madam

Madam, Author, Female Impersonator
and openly homosexual in 1964

A couple of later pressings:

While the above book is readily available and had
many reprintings, his other books are hard to find

The Gay World of Kenneth Marlowe (1966)

The Delicate World of Kenneth Marlowe (1966)

Click the links to see these cartoon books


and his spoken word 45 is quite rare

Hear both sides (I added some music behind them)

Below, rare 1971 flyer from a SF performance, apparently with his writing

And Kenneth became Katherine...

In July 2010 a thread on Facebook touched on Kenneth Marlowe,
and Armistead Maupin added this fascinating comment:

"I met Kenneth Marlow in 1972 when he was in the process of becoming
Kate Marlowe. He threw a fundraising Big Band dance at which Sally Rand
(then 70) performed her famous Fan Dance under a VERY DIM blue bulb.
He called the evening "The Ball to End All Balls." When I interviewed her later
(Kate) she told me she'd grown up in a whorehouse in Winnemucca, Nevada.
I'm not at all sure if that was true but it was a fascinating detail, so I appropriated
it for Anna Madrigal in "Tales of the City"