Segment 2

I'll Be FCC-ing You - Segment 2 Playlist   55:06
Mickey's 7 - Stroke My Spoke (1975)
Mickey's 7 - I've Got My Right Hand (1975)
Canya Phuckem & Howe - In a Sling (1980)
Canya Phuckem & Howe - Warm, Wet Feeling (1980)
Leather Nun - FFA (1983)
Joseph Victor Sieger - Uncut (1993)
Slojack - Suck (1997)
Super 8 Cum Shot - You Make Me Want To Cum (2002)
Zero Patience - Pop-A-Boner (1994)
Wayne Barker - Safe Sex Slut (1994)
Alex Harding - Nuda the Singing Condom (1996)
Rainbo Flava - Okayplaya (2002)
Hair - sodomy (1979)
Meet the Feebles - sodomy (1992)
Girls In The Nose - sodomy (1992)
Romanovsky & Phillips - the sodomy song (1988)
Barbara MacKay - I Ball Chicks (?)
Tori Fixx - Marry Me (2004)

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Mickey's 7   

Canya Phuckem & Howe   Canya Phuckem & Howe track list

Above, albums by Mickey's 7 and Canya Phuckem & Howe, Click for Enlargements and an incredible ad, and to download the entire Mickey's 7 LP!

Leather Nun

Above, from Sweden came Leather Nun; Below, Joseph Victor Sieger, Slojack & Super 8 Cum Shot

Joseph Victor Sieger  Slojack  Super 8 Cum Shot

Zero Patience soundtrack    Alex Harding

Above, soundtrack for the 1994 movie "Zero Patience," and Alex Harding's 1996 Aussie album

Don't Mess With Mary, don't even think about it    Wayne Barker, photo courtesy of Wayne

Above, the 1994 various artists' comp "Don't Mess With Mary" (produced by Tom Wilson Weinberg) and Wayne Barker, who sang "Safe Sex Slut" on it; Below, Rainbo Flava

Phat Family comp    Rainbo Flava

"Hair" movie soundtrack  "Meet the Feebles" video  R&P

Above, "Hair" movie soundtrack, "Meet the Feebles" video from New Zealand, "Emotional Rollercoaster" by Romanovsky & Phillips; Below, Austin group Girls In The Nose; and below that, Tori Fixx

the cassettes by Girls In The Nose    Girls In The Nose

       Tori Fixx  "Marry Me" CD by Tori Fixx  Tori Fixx