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Nick Name - I Fucked Your Boyfriend (2001)

Usually at this point I would say, welcome to Queer Voices on KPFT and I'm JD Doyle, with another edition of Queer Music Heritage. But this edition would never be heard on the radio, and that's the point, so I'm calling this show "I'll Be FCC-ing You." All of the songs you'll hear are songs that FCC regulations would in no way allow me to play, which is why this is an internet-only show. There have been lots and lots of queer songs that I wished I could play over the years, so this is my chance. And it seemed only logical to start off the show with a song called "I Fucked Your Boyfriend." It's by an artist who calls himself Nick Name and is from his self-titled album from 2001, and it leads nicely to the next song, which is almost an anthem for Jayne County.

Wayne County & the Electric Chairs - Fuck Off (1977)

Fuck Off

That was "Fuck Off" by Jayne County, well, actually it was Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, because in 1977 Jayne was still Wayne.

If you're listening to this show it means you're looking at my web page, so you already know that I decided to go all out to give you the best of our very FCC-challenged songs. And there was no reason to keep it to my usual one-hour limit. Good thing. That would have been very difficult. I ended up with almost four hours, but don't be scared (well, maybe a little bit) cause I broke it down into four segments, to make it easier to go down, so to speak. And because this may be the only way you'll hear many of these songs, I tried to play most of them in entirety. Now they earned their spots on this show either because of language or sexual innuendo, or both, and as you'll see, most of the songs you'll hear are in some way about sex. Department of No Surprise.

I'm going to cover a lot of ground on this show, with a variety of styles, from several decades, and it wouldn't be a Queer Music Heritage show without going back, way back, this time to 1954 to a rhythm & blues group called the Clovers, the same group that brought us "Love Potion #9." This is a very underground recording they did, called "The Rotten Cocksuckers Ball."

Clovers - The Rotten Cocksuckers Ball (1954)

That was the Clovers. In 1970 the Rolling Stones were trying to get out of their contract with Decca Records, and they owed Decca one more single. Well they gave the label this one, which they knew would not be released, called "Cocksucker Blues"

Rolling Stones - Cocksucker Blues (1970)

I'm going to stay in the 70s for a song by Mitch Rider. You remember him. He had such hits as "Jenny Take A Ride" and "Devil With A Blue Dress" in the mid-60s. In 1978 he released an album called "How I Spent My Vacation," that was, well, a very gay album. Check out the lyrics of the song "Cherry Poppin'" and see what you think.

Mitch Ryder - Cherry Poppin' (1978)

"Cherry Poppin'" by Mitch Ryder, from "How I Spent My Vacation." That was quite a vacation. In 1973 Patrick Haggerty gave us the very first gay country album, under the name of "Lavender Country." This is the first chance I've had to play from it the track "Cryin' These Cocksucking Tears," and the song following it is by a straight artist.

Lavender Country (Patrick Haggerty) - Cryin' These Cocksucking Tears (1973) 2
David Allen Coe - Fuck Anita Bryant (1978)

After Patrick Haggerty you heard rebel country singer David Allan Coe and his 1978 song "Fuck Anita Bryant" was widely bootlegged at the time, and is now found on a CD collection of his work aptly called "Nothing Sacred."
I'm going to stick with country for the next two tracks. The first is from 1988 and is by the group with the unlikely name of the Pajama Slave Dancers. The song is "Homo Truck Driving Man."

Pajama Slave Dancers - Homo Truck Driving Man (1988)
Jeff Miller - No Lube (2000, demo)

Following the Pajama Slave Dancers was Jeff Miller, an artist I like quite a bit. That song, called "No Lube," is an unreleased demo by him from 2000. And here's one more country song that is FCC-challenged. This time it's by a female group, called the Well Oiled Sisters, proving that "It Ain't Hard Being Easy."

Well Oiled Sisters - It Ain't Hard Being Easy (1994)

That was from the 1994 album by the Well Oiled Sisters called "Alcohol & Tears." And to prove that women can swear just as well as men, here is a group ironically called the Two Nice Girls, putting a little bo diddley beat to a song called "The Queer Song."

Two Nice Girls - The Queer Song (1991)

"The Queer Song" by Two Nice Girls, from their 1991 CD "Chloe Liked Olivia," and Two Nice Girls, apparently are not always nice and neither are there just two. The group was comprised of Meg Hentges, Kathy Korniloff, Pam Barger and Gretchen Phillips.

In 2002 Gina Young brought us her debut album, aptly called "Intractable," and while I love a number of the songs on the album, this one just called out to me to play it on this show, it's "Dirt."

Gina Young - Dirt (2002)

That was the song "Dirt" by Gina Young. And this next artist, Jill Sobule, will probably always be known as the "I Kissed A Girl" girl, but who would expect this next song from her.

Jill Sobule - Don't Fuck With Me (~2000)

Next up is a pair of prison songs. Yes, there is gay sex in prison.

Stan Ridgeway & Stewart Copeland - Don't Drop the Soap (1998)
Slam & Dave - Prisoner of Love (1995)

Okay, who were those singers? The song "Don't Drop the Soap" was from the soundtrack to the 1998 movie "Pecker," and Pecker was the name of the lead character. What were you thinking? It was sung by Stan Ridgeway and Stewart Copeland. Copeland these days is a composer for the movies and television, but earlier he was in a group called The Police. And the other song was one of those sort of novelty songs that you find on compilations of tracks played by radio DJs. The DJs in this case are the Indianapolis duo Bob & Tom, from their 1995 album "Planet Bob & Tom." The song "Prisoner of Love" was billed as sung by Slam & Dave, who were among the many session artists on that CD.

Since I'm talking about radio parodies, over the years I've collected a number of them. They usually are either poking fun at songs or commercials. Here are four in a row.

Parodies: Anal Love, Gay1 Steak Sauce, Gay Ken, and Preacher Man

Neil Rogers    by the late Neil Rogers, DJ extraordinaire. check out his tribute site

[ Update Note: I got the clips I used from his old website. He died in 2010 and that site is no more, but the link above goes to a new site in tribute to him, so there may be lots of goodies there to be found ]

Those, and probably a couple hundred more, are from the website of DJ Neil Rogers. And now the latest song by Celine Dion.

Nice Peter - The Bush Song (2004)

Oh, my, wrong track…instead of Celine Dion I played "The Bush Song" by the group Nice Peter. Oh well, too late now, y'all better move on to Part 2.


Welcome to the second segment of "I'll Be FCC-ing You."
And now for some more history, for one of the most obscure gay albums of the 70s. The band was called Mickey's 7 and the album was "Rocket to Stardom," released in 1975. The lead singer, Mickey Brewster, had reportedly been featured in gay erotic magazines. The cover of the album could not be much more suggestive. It shows several shirt-less young men riding an unmistakably phallic rocket, and some suggestive photos are on the back.
I'll quote from the album jacket, "Mickey steals the show for the whole ride, every inch of the way. And for those of you who are already fans of Mickey's you know that '7' does not refer to the number of guys in the band."
Ah, yes, the record's producer was never known for his subtlety. He was Roy C. Ames and for a number of years produced records out of Houston, Texas, where he also ran into trouble with a grand jury, on obscenity charges. He started an eleven-year prison sentence the same year the Mickey's 7 album was released, so he wasn't around to do any promoting. But that's another story. The Mickey's 7 album includes songs such as "Rock Around the Crotch," "Funk-y Butt," "Uranus" and the two you'll hear next, "Stroke My Spoke" and "I've Got My Right Hand."

Mickey's 7 - Stroke My Spoke (1975)
Mickey's 7 - I've Got My Right Hand (1975)

Mickey's 7 from the album "Rocket to Stardom." Now, the next album I'm featuring has got to be much more obscure than the Mickey's 7 album. Musically it's just as competent, but by design it was not intended for commercial success. Its lyrics were very gay and very explicit, and very inspired by San Francisco's leather scene, with song titles like "The Whip Song," "Left Pocket, Right Pocket," and "Folsom Street." It's kind of a mystery who the artists were. On the album it says, "Many thanks to the very talented musicians and singers of San Francisco who performed on this album but prefer to remain anonymous." Well, in 1980 I probably would have remained anonymous also, especially given the album's title and group name. Are you ready? The title was "Sleeze Attack" and on the cover it says it's by Canya Phuckem & Howe. I'll spell that for you. First word is c-a-n-y-a and the second is p-h-u-c-k-e-m. Oh, and for an artistic touch the Howe in "& Howe" had an e on the end. I won't describe the cover's artwork. You'll have to visit my site to see it, and that's at, where I've got lots of goodies to share with you about all the not-for-radio songs on this show. Now, on to the music, from the album by Canya Phuckem & Howe, here's "In a Sling" and "Warm Wet Feeling."

Canya Phuckem & Howe - In a Sling (1980)
Canya Phuckem & Howe - Warm, Wet Feeling (1980)

And if I have to explain those songs to you…..well, I'm not going to. But lyrically this next song should fit right in, from 1983 here's Leather Nun with their song "FFA."

Leather Nun - FFA2 (1983)

Well, that song just goes on and on, so I'll fade into one called "Uncut"

Joseph Victor Sieger - Uncut (1993)
Slojack - Suck (1997)

After "FFA" by Leather Nun, you heard a sort of monologue by Joseph Victor Sieger. It was called "Uncut," and is from his 1993 album "Self-Portrait." I kept with the theme and followed it with a song just called "Suck." That one was by Slojack, from his 1997 album "Naked."

I'll give this next act the award for the loudest song on this show, and probably the one with the most repetitive lyrics. It's from their self-titled album from 2002 called "Super 8 Cum Shot."

Super 8 Cum Shot - You Make Me Want To Cum (2002)

Obviously, that song was called "You Make Me Want To Cum." Now, after two albums I understand Super 8 Cum Shot changed their name to the lead singer's name, Jinx Titanic, because they could not get advertising or mention in the press. Gee, you'd think they would have thought of that.

Zero Patience - Pop-A-Boner (1994)

Now, that was cute. That was "Pop-A-Boner" from the AIDS movie "Zero Patience," from 1994. The movie also had a priceless song called "The Butthole Duet," but it's just not the same without the visuals.

Well, after all that we better take a break for some safe sex, and I just happen to be able to fill the bill. In 1994 an artist I greatly respect, Tom Wilson Weinberg, produced a CD to commemorate Stonewall 25. The album contained only 5 songs but they were all winners, all written by Tom. This one, sung by Wayne Barker, is called "Safe Sex Slut," and it's followed by a singing condom.

Wayne Barker - Safe Sex Slut (1994)
Alex Harding - Nuda the Singing Condom (1996)

That last one was called "Nuda the Singing Condom." The artist was Alex Harding, who's written a number of hit musicals in Australia, including "Only Heaven Knows." He's collected many of his songs on his own album, "Just One More And Then I'll Go," released in 1996.

The next act was called Rainbo Flava, and they were kind of a homo hop super group that was together from around 1996 until 2001, and included the artists Dutch Boy, DJ Monkey, Reh-Shawn and Tori Fixx, with many other making guest appearances. Those artists have moved on but all contribute to a loose group called the Phat Family. And Phat is spelled P-h-a-t. They've released a series of compilations with the Family's artists, and this track comes from "Phat Family, Volume 1." From 2002, here's Rainbo Flava with "Okayplaya."

Rainbo Flava - Okayplaya (2002)

Okay, are you ready for sodomy? Songs about it, I mean. Here are four of them in a row. The oldest one of the set wasn't strictly a gay song, it was more equal opportunity. It was from the musical "Hair," and this happens to be from the movie version, from 1979. And, it's followed by, I'm not sure you're ready, a puppet also singing a song called "sodomy."

Hair - sodomy (1979)
Meet the Feebles - sodomy (1992)

After the song "Sodomy" from "Hair" was another song called "Sodomy" and that one was, stay with me, sung by a fox named Sebastian, a character in a puppet movie from New Zealand released in 1989. The movie was called "Meet the Feebles" which has almost a cult following; these are some very adult puppets, if you know what I mean. Okay, I promised four sodomy songs in a row; stick around for two more. The first is an Austin group called Girls In The Nose, with their sodomy song.

Girls In The Nose - sodomy (1992)
Romonovsky & Phillips - the sodomy song (1988)

The Girls In The Nose, as far as I know, only had two releases, both on cassette tape. Following their eponymous debut album in 1990 was the followup in 1992 called "Origin of the World," which was the source of their song "Sodomy." And, bringing it home was our own Romanovsky & Phillips, singing "The Sodomy Song," from their 1988 album "Emotional Rollercoaster."

Now most of the artists on this show happen to be male, and there probably is some sort of commentary on society as to the number of, let's call them, adult songs women sing. Of course that's changed a lot in the last ten years, but here's a song by a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. I'm afraid I don't know anything about the artist, just the name and title. I got it on a tape from someone years ago. I don't even know the year it was released, but here's Barbara MacKay singing "I Ball Chicks."

Barbara MacKay - I Ball Chicks (?)

You just heard "I Ball Chicks" by Barbara MacKay. And now for something completely different, and very new. I just got this in the mail from Tori Fixx and it's his very political statement about gay marriage.

Tori Fixx - Marry Me (2004)

That was Tori Fixx, "Marry Me" and the end of part 2.


And, now you're up to the third segment of "I'll Be FCC-ing You." Thanks for staying with me.

Time for a little more country. Glen Meadmore has been recording his own brand of sort of country rockabilly for almost 20 years, and I have a number of his albums. In 1991 he released one called "Boned," and I've got a song from it for you called "Tan My Hide." After it you'll hear gay porn star Jeff Stryker prove to you why he's not a singing star.

Glen Meadmore - Tan My Hide (1991)
Jeff Stryker - Pop You In The Pooper (2002)

In 2002 Jeff Stryker released a couple CD singles. I haven't heard that he's had the nerve to release a whole album yet, but the song you heard was elegantly called "Pop You In The Pooper."

Next is an album I wished I owned. It was released only on cassette, in 1983. I had never even heard of it before one of my listeners ran off a copy of for me. So thanks to Joe in San Diego for allowing me, and now you, to hear this artist. The tape cover says his name is Romulus. Now what parents would name their kid Romulus? Maybe parents who knew their kid would someday release an album called "Love Is Just An Inch Away." So from Romulus, here's "Addicted To A Dick," and the title track "Love Is Just An Inch Away."

Romulus - Addicted To A Dick (1983)
Romulus - Love Is Just An Inch Away (1983) )
Men In Drag - I Want Some Dick (1995)

I followed Romulus with an act called Men In Drag. It's a dance record from 1995 and I gave you a taste of their regular mix with a bit of an intro from their Dicapella mix. Well, have you had enough dick yet? Here's two more. Now, there are a lot of songs I could pick from with penis in the title, but I'm sharing two that have a certain charm, and they are not strictly gay, though certainly of gay interest. First up, so to speak, from 1992 and their album "Happy Hour," is the group King Missile, with "Detachable Penis." It will be followed by something on a grander scale.

King Missile - Detachable Penis (1992)
DaVinci's Notebook - Enormous Penis (2001)

Ah, the "Enormous Penis"….that was by the group DaVinci's Notebook and came out as a CD single in 2001. And to explore that in a little more detail is my favorite power pop group, the BootLICKERS. From album released earlier this year, "Automatic Ball Washer" is one you won't hear on the radio, called "HWC," and you'll know soon enough what that stands for.

BootLICKERS - HWC (2004)
Drug Addix - Gay Boys In Bondage (1978)

The song "HWC" was written by Liz Phair, and I understand in her concerts it's a real crowd pleaser. And I followed the BootLICKERS with the group Drug Addix, and they spelled addix a-d-d-I-x. The song was called "Gay Boys In Bondage." They were an English act and recorded that in 1978. And for some trivia, a member of the group was Kirsty MacColl, who's had a lot of success in England since, but sadly is very under-appreciated in the U.S.

This next artist I first saw on the Comedy Central network, and besides being funny and charming, and very good-looking, he sings songs you would definitely not expect. His name is Steven Lynch and from his album from 2000 called "A Little Bit Special" here is the song "Gay."

Steven Lynch - Gay (2000)

That was the song "Gay" by Stephen Lynch.

I'm going to play a song next by a duo who are very popular on the gay cabaret circuit in England. A good friend of mine in the UK named David told me about them, and later sent me their CD, and I'm delighted, not only because it's already out of print and impossible to find, but because it's so much fun. He's met them, so gave me the scoop. They're called Topping & Butch, and I'll tell you how he described them. They are a pair of gay men, not a couple, from different generations. Butch is 32 and in the act wears leather shorts. Topping is 60 and wears a rubber mini-skirt. He says their act is delightful, with clever songs, and lots of campiness, and satire on the news and politics. You definitely need to check out their photos on my site. Their CD is suggestively called "Take It Up the Octave" and the song I picked you will recognize. It's a reworking of an old variety number called "I Remember It Well," but you've never heard it done like this. Topping and Butch.

Topping & Butch - I Remember It Well (2002)

The station I'm on, KPFT, is a Pacifica station, of which there are five across the country.
When the FCC regulations increased this past year, the Pacifica lawyer gave us some printed guidelines about what not to play, and the restrictions are very scary. One of the songs the FCC specifically warned about is this next one. It's from 1978 and I don't think I ever remember hearing it on the radio, but I would have loved to. Here's Elton Motello with "Jet Boy Jet Girl."

Elton Motello - Jet Boy Jet Girl (1978)

     French Motello 45

Last year I did a two-part show on Gay Musicals, and one of the ones I featured was "The Ballad of Little Mikey," from 1994. It contained a very well done song about how the character Mikey, a college student, discovered a sexual outlet. I wished I could have played it then; now I can. It's just called "Tap."

Ballad of Little Mikey - Tap (1994)

That was a little bit of "Tap" from the musical "The Ballad of Little Mikey." Now, many of you are familiar with the album that's become a queer Christmas classic, "I'll Be A Homo For Christmas," by Venus Envy. Well, I bet not many of you know that they had an earlier release, in 1990. It was a cassette tape with only six songs, mostly cover versions of a sort. And one of them was a parody of the song "Fever." Here's the Venus Envy version, "Beaver Cleaver Fever."

Venus Envy - Beaver Cleaver Fever (1990)

One of my favorite groups is the Kinsey Sicks. They are funny and also very talented singers. Here are just two of their songs that you won't hear on the radio.

Kinsey Sicks - Snatchmaker Snatchmaker (2002)
Kinsey Sicks - I Will Swallow Him (1999)

The Kinsey Sicks has released four albums and I highly recommend all of them. "Snatchmaker Snatchmaker" came from their 2002 album "Sicks In The City" and "I Will Swallow Him" is from "Boyz 2 Girlz," from 1999. And if you get a chance to see them live, don't miss it. On to Part 4.


Yes, this is the fourth and last segment of my special on songs I can't play on the radio. You get major points for listening this far.

Well, on any show with music the FCC hates, I can't overlook gay rap or hip hop, and I've got something new, and something old. From last year, out of Chicago, is the very erotic artist Johnny Dangerous. From his debut album "Dangerous Liaisons" you'll hear "Celebrity Fucker." And after will be a pioneering gay rap group called Age of Consent.

Johnny Dangerous - Celebrity Fucker (2003)
Age of Consent - Fight Back

That was Age of Consent with "Fight Back." Now when you read about gay rap music you may see here and there that so and so was the first gay rapper. It's not so, Age of Consent formed in 1981, back when black rap music was barely making it to the radio. They took their name from one of the sensitive issues of the time, and it's still sensitive. They've recently released a CD collection of their work, called "Old School on the Down Low." Again, their name is Age of Consent.

I can't leave out this next artist. From his debut album "Uncloseted," from 2002, Aaron-Carl brings us a little dance-oriented track, called "Homoerotic," and I'm leading up to it with a spoken-work track of his called "Ghetto Phone Call."

Aaron-Carl2- Ghetto Phone Call / Homoerotic (2002)

Aaron-Carl, from "Uncloseted," and he definitely is. And now onto another artist I'm very pleased to share with you. He goes by the name Saturn and I was very impressed with his first album, "The Virgin Poet." He's working on his follow up CD and was nice enough to share with me an advance track. The CD will be called "Deviant," and the song is "I Luv Everything About You." I've heard him sing this live, and it's very sexy.

Saturn - I Luv Everything About You (2004)

That was Saturn. This would be a good time to play a very modern act. They're called Bitch & Animal and I'm not sure how they would classify themselves, as their music touches a lot of styles, and they've been produced by such notables as Dutch Boy and June Millington. This particular track was produced by Ani Difranco. Well, we haven't had a song about dildos yet, so, from their album "Eternally Hard," here's "Best Cock on the Block."

Bitch & Animal - Best Cock on the Block (2001)

And that was Bitch & Animal. And in the next song another artist straps one on. She's part of the spoken-word duo who call themselves (and I love this name) the Athens Boys Choir. Here's "Get In Rocket's Pocket."

Athens Boys Choir - Get In Rocket's Pocket (2004)

That's another album that's brand new. It just arrived the week I recorded this. Again, the artists call themselves Athens Boys Choir, and the album is "Rhapsody in T." Another very neat duo is Testosterone Kills, from the anti-folk scene. Their debut album from last year, called "War All The Time," was excellent, and a song of theirs I wished then that I could have played is called "Arizona."

Testosterone Kills - Arizona (2003)

Pablo Ratliff and Tim Daly are the duo Testosterone Kills, and from "War All The Time," that was "Arizona."

And I don't want to leave out Lynn Breedlove and Tribe 8. This is from their 1996 album "Snarkism." It's called "Wrong Bathroom."

Tribe 8 - Wrong Bathroom (1996)

One of my favorite artists is Mark Weigle, and I'm pleased that over the years we've become friends. He's got four terrific albums and has just announced what the next one will be about, and it fits right in with this show. The album will be titled "Versatile" and with the two songs he's given me, the subtitle might be "Mark Weigle's Porn Songs." This is a Queer Music Heritage exclusive. Here are "Made For Suckin' You" and "Mr Trucker Man"

Mark Weigle - Made For Suckin' You (2004)
Mark Weigle - Mr. Trucker Man (2004)

Well, whatever Mark sings, he does it well. I saw him do those two songs at the Texas Gay Rodeo in Austin last fall. Okay, next up. Since 1993 the punk pop group Pansy Division has released seven albums, and they've probably been the group I've most wanted to play on my show, but couldn't. I just love their music. Now, not all of their songs are FCC challenged of course, but it seems the most appealing ones are. Maybe that's what gives them their appeal. There have been songs I'd love to play on every album, so I put together a little medley of four that I thought representative. Here goes.

Pansy Division Medley

Okay, here's what you heard. "Cocksucker Club" was from their first album "Undressed," from 1993; from their 1995 album "Pile Up" came "Fuck Buddy;" "Dick of Death" is from the 1996 album "Wish I'd Taken Pictures," and from last year from their latest album, "Total Entertainment," came "He Whipped My Ass At Tennis."

And, I'm going to indulge myself by playing my favorite Pansy Division song in entirety. From their 1994 album "Deflowered" it's "Groovy Underwear."

Pansy Division - Groovy Underwear (1994)

We're down to the last song, and I want to thank you for wading through this very special and extra long edition of Queer Music Heritage. If you have questions or comments about any of the music I've featured, please write me. And please check out my website, logically enough, at, where you can see photos of all of the artists and recordings I've played on this special internet-only show. This is JD Doyle, and please check my regular radio version of QMH on the fourth Monday of every month on Queer Voices on KPFT in Houston.

Okay, now of all records and CDs in my collection, and even though that's a whole room full, I really had no trouble figuring what track I would use to end this show. It would have to be something very special, and I would suspect the one I picked would be near the top of tracks that if played during daytime hours would get a station in deep shit in a hurry. You probably noticed that I said track instead of song, because it's a spoken word piece, and I'm not even going to say the title, but you'd quickly figure it out. From her debut album from 2001, "Built Like That," here's Alix Olson.

Alix Olson - Cunt Country (2001)