February 2003
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Note: Sadly, on October 20, 2003, one of my featured artists for this show, Mary Lofstrom, died of ovarian cancer. In June of this past year her second album, "Ginger Comes To Stay," at the Outmusic Awards was honored as Outstanding Recording, Female. I will miss her talent but am grateful she left us two wonderful albums. Click for more information

Queer Jazz

Playlist:    (airdate 2/24/03)

Duke Ellington Orchestra-take the
   A train (1941)
Patricia Barber - bye bye blackbird
David Downing Trio -oh, boy (1994)
Drew Paralic - too little, too late (2001)
Lea DeLaria -how high the moon (1998)
Sandra Cartolari Interview Clips (1999)
Sandra Cartolari - gui gui (1999)
Billy Tipton -these foolish things (1956)
Langston Hughes -weary blues (1958)
Mary Lofstrom Interview Clips (2002)
Mary Lofstrom - ginger (2002)
Mary Lofstrom - I'll do dot (2002)
Zrazy Interview Clip (2000)
Zrazy - remember that you did it first
   with me (2000)
Fred Hersch & Andy Bey -something to
   live for (1996)
Billy Strayhorn - lush life (1964)
Billy Maxted Orchestra -satin doll (1961)


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Sandra Cartolari & Patrick Arerna

Jon Gilbert Leavitt & Sandra Cartolari

Sandra's CD "Two Lips"

Right, Sandra Cartolari, and
above, her CD "Two Lips"

Patricia Barber

Patricia Barber's "Nightclub"

Patricia Barber

Drew Paralic's "Too Little, Too Late"

Drew Paralic, 2002

Above, candid shot of Drew Paralic from June 2002, and, left, two of Sandra Cartolari at the time of the 1999 GLAMAs with Patrick Arena (above) and (below) Jon Gilbert Leavitt. Patrick is working on his own jazz album, can't wait...

Sandra Cartolari

"Take the 'A' Train"

David Downing  

David Downing's "Last Night, Last Call"

Above, David Downing and his 1994 CD "Last Night, Last Call." And below, Lea DeLaria was one of the artists on the 1998 "Fruit Cocktail" compilation

Lea DeLaria & her CD

"Fruit Cocktail"

"Fruit Cocktail" also contained Ian Shaw, Kelleye Gray, Maija, Steven Kowalczyk, Rhiannon, David Downing, Irene Ferrera, Steven Grossman, Michael Callen, Judy Barnett & others.

Artist Links:

Patricia Barber
Andy Bey
Sandra Cartolari
David Downing
"Fruit Cocktail"
Fred Hersch
Mary Lofstrom
Drew Paralic
Billy Strayhorn

Langston Hughes 

Langston Hughes stamp

Hughes reads poetry over jazz

You can read the poem "Weary Blues" on my Script Page

    Billy Tipton LP's   

[pass your cursor over LP to see Billy's other album]

Billy Tipton bio

Mary Lofstrom's 1st CD

Zraxy's 1st CD

Zrazy's 2nd CD

Zrazy's 3rd CD

Right, Maria Walsh & Carole Nelson at the Houston Women's Festival, Sept 2002; and accepting their GLAMA for Best Jazz Performance in April 2000

I highly recommend Diane Wood Middlebrook's book "Suits Me: the Double Life of Billy Tipton" to read about the amazing story of Billy passing as a man for over 50 years. But the sensationalized story should not overshadow the music. Click HERE to hear both albums.

And, also check out my August 2000 show, on which Billy was the feature artist

Left & below, Mary's first and latest albums

Mary Lofstrom CD

Below, Zrazy at Houston club McGonigel's Mucky Duck, Nov 1999

Maria & Carole

at the Houston Women's Festival   getting their GLAMA

Strayhorn logo
Billy Strayhorn (1916-1967) was the musical genius behind the Duke Ellington Orchestra for almost 30 years. He was jazz' invisible man, choosing to live in the Duke's shadow, where he could be open about his homosexuality, rather than to claim the glory his masterful writing and arranging surely would have brought..

Billy Strayhorn

Billy Strayhorn

Strayhorn LP

Strayhorn LP

Billy & the Duke

Above, with Duke Ellington, and below with Lena Horne, who would have married Billy if only...

Billy & Lena Horne

Strayhorn LP

Right, Duke, Billy & Louis Armstrong

Strayhorn's bio

Strayhorn CD

Duke, Billy, Louis

Above, in the Spring of 2007 a wonderful documentary on Billy Strayhorn
aired on PBS, and a CD was released to accompany his tribute.

Fred Hersch CD

He released his Billy Strayhorn tribute in 1996, which included the wonderful vocals of Andy Bey. Andy's latest solo CD is below, right, from 2001.

Andy Bey  Andy Bey's latest CD

No doubt one of the most accomplished living gay jazz artists, Fred Hersch has released 18 albums on his own and has appeared as a sideman or featured soloist on over 80 other recordings. He's been nominated for two Grammys, won two GLAMAs, and the Michael Callen Medal     of Achievement.          [A pic of him accepting that award, April 2000, is to the right].

Right, at the 2000 GLAMAs, 3 of our pioneers: Dan Martin, Fred Hersch, and Richard Dworkin.

3 Freds

Dan Martin, Fred Hersch, Richard Dworkin

This show just scratched the surface regarding gay & lesbian jazz artists,
"turn the page" for more info...

Also, in January 2012 I presented an even bigger show on jazz, a 6-hour special,
including interviews with Fred Hersch, Kellye Gray & Mark Winkler.