bearapalooza pics & etc

Here's what I could gather together as a summary of the BAP events:

November 11, 2002 – New York City, Finally Fred’s
Freddy Freeman, Max Christopher, Midnite Circus, Martin Swinger, Ernie Lijoi, Kris Landherr, Yolanda

August 30th, 2003 – New York City, CBGB’s Lounge
Freddy Freeman, Max Christopher, Yolanda, Martin Swinger, Kenny Lockwood, Andy Northrup, Money In Both Pockets, Urban Folk Collective, Ego ls Him. Hosted by Miss Clover Honey & Pedro Angel Serrano.

May 15th, 2004 – Philadelphia, The Bike Stop
Feddy Freeman, Max Christopher, Bootlickers, Yolanda

July 26, 2004 – Nashville, Days Inn Sky Lounge
Freddy Freeman, Max Christopher, David Gray, Tommy Johns,
Matthew Temple, Michael West, Andy Northrup

September 4, 2004 – New York City, Cutting Room
Freddy Freeman, Tommy Johns, Kendall, Martin Swinger, the Bootlickers,
Yolanda, Circus Maximus, hosted by Murray Hill.

September 5th, 2004 - Bearapalooza Unplugged, part of Bear Café at the LGBT Center, NYC
Freddy Freeman, Yolanda, Tommy Johns, Max Christopher

April 15, 2005 – Seattle , Timberline Spirits
Freddy Freeman, Michael West, Yolanda, Tommy Johns, Dave Montana, Elijah Black, Andy Northrup, Toshio Mana, Max Christopher. Greg Hudson was there for the CD release party for “Bear Tracks 2”

July 22 & 23, 2005, Nashville, the Chute Complex & DeVil's
Freddy Freeman, Tommy Johns, Matthew Temple, Kendall, Michael West, Jeff Altergott, Charlie K. Brown,
Andy Northrup, Max Christopher, Kerry Land, Yolanda, Ron Morris, Dave Montana, Bobaloo

December 17th, Bearapalooza Presents "A Bear-y Special X-mas" Nashville, The Chute Complex
Freddy Freeman, Martin Swinger, Yolanda, Charlie K. Brown, Sterlin Hollis,
Leon, Jesus & Santa, hosted by Victoria "Pork-Chop" Parker"

July 22, 2006 – Nashville, Blue Gene’s Bar
Freddy Freeman, Max Christopher, Shannon Grady, Matthew Temple,
Ron Morris, Elijah Black, Michael West, Kendall

November 11, 2006 – Sawmill Campgrounds, Dade City Florida
Freddy Freeman, Shannon Grady, Charlie K. Brown, Tommy Johns,
Kendall, Matthew Temple, Martin Swinger

Next, images from Freddy's Bearapalooza Site, but there's a Lot more there

Above & Below, BAP Nashville.

BACK: Andy Northrup, Freddy Freeman, Max Christopher, Tommy Johns, Jeff Dickenson, Michael West, and Kendall; FRONT: Jay Freeman (Freddy's partner), Bobaloo (comedian), Toshio Mana, and Jed Ryan

Below: Freddy Freeman, Michael West, Ron Morris, Jeff Altergott, Bobaloo, and Max Christopher

Below, BAP Seattle

And the rest of these pics were taken by William Kumberger, at the
Bearapalooza Sawmill Campgrounds (Florida) in November 2006.
Thanks for his permission. He asked I provide his info:
email and website

Martin Swinger & Freddy Freeman

Freddy Freeman, Charlie K Brown, Jay Freeman, & Kendall

Shannon Grady, Matthew Temple, Martin Swinger, Tommy Johns & Charlie K Brown

Charlie K Brown

Kendall & Shannon Grady

Matthew Temple

Shannon Grady

Tommy Johns


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