Part 6 - 60:28
London Gay Men's Chorus - Teddy Bear's Picnic (2001)
Alan Reade - Never Look Back (2002)
The Bobbleheads - Crush (2004)
John Ashfield - Moon River (2007)
John Ashfield - Johnny Mathis (2007)
Matthew Temple - Written on the Rails (2006)
Matthew Temple - Eyes of a Poet (2006)
Smokey the Bear, with Clint Walker (1950)
Jack Schell - Bear Man Hoedown (2006)
Flipping the Pig - Saw It In a Movie (2005)
Max Christopher - The One (2006)
Shane Owen - Beat Control (2006)
Dave Montana - Collecting Dust (2004)
Dave Montana - I Don't Believe in Love (2004)
Andy Northrup comments
Andy Northrup - Conspiracy (2001)
Andy Northrup - The Moment You Know (2001)
Andy Northrup - It Ain't Easy (2004)

London Gay Mens Chorus

Okay, starting this last segment, perhaps a bit tongue in cheek, is still another version of "Teddy Bear's Picnic," from 2001 by the London Gay Men's Chorus.

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Alan Reade CD, 2002 Alan Reade John Ashfield and Alan Reade

Above, Alan Reade is a writer and performance artist, and he took his show "Bear-a-Go-Go" around the country a few years ago. Unfortunately that was not captured on DVD or CD, but his "4 Seasons in a Day" was released, in 2002. In the above right pic, backing him up on bass was John Ashfield. John's release several albums on his own, under a couple different names. As The Bobbleheads in 2005 his group won the Outmusic Award for New Recording by a Band, for "Automatic Fun."

John Ashfield  "Automatic Fun" by The Bobbleheads

John Ashfield CD "Distance to Empty" John Ashfield CD "Harmony Bunny" John Ashfield CD "Love Is Blue"

And there are John Ashfield solo releases: "Distance to Empty" (2005) and "Harmony Bunny" (2002), and hot off the presses is "Love Is Blue" (2007). The titles you can read on the scan above will be deceiving, as John thought it would be fun to take the titles from the Johnny Mathis 1968 album "Love Is Blue" and write new songs to them.

 Matthew Temple Matthew Temple Clint Walker and Smokey the Bear

Matthew Temple's music is pure folk, and his debut CD from 2006 is "The Journey." A musical pause to hear a 1950 Smokey the Bear public service announcement, with hunky Clint Walker, of the TV hit "Laramie" as guest. Below, Jack Schell's instrumental "Bear Man Hoedown" fits perfectly. It's from his "Snottsdale Seranade" CD and is also found on the compilation "Bear Tracks 4." And Jeff Mansk goes by Flipping the Pig, and has released three albums since 2003, with the latest called "Pout," from where I took the song "Saw It In a Movie"

Jack Schell  Flipping the Pig

Shane Owen

From Wales a new artist going by WelshCub,
with his sexy electonic music.

Max Christopher graphic, and behind, a shot at a Bearapalooza

Just had to play another song from the debut
album by Max Christopher, "Fresh Chrome"

Dave Montana  Dave Montana

Dave Montana's wonderful album "Such Things as Love & Pain" was released in 2004, and Dave has a long history in music, being part of the the successful act No You Turn in the late 80's and early 90's. Now he's going by Storybox.

Dave Montana  Dave Montana's "Such Things as Love & Pain"  "No You Turn: The Works, 1988- 1992"

Andy Northrup

Andy Northrup CD "Slow Burn Avenue"   Andy Northrup CD "Cardboard Logic"

From Alberta, Canada, Andy Northrup has released two fine albums, "Slow Burn Avenue"
in 2001 and "Cardboard Logic" in 2004. He wraps up this six-hour Bear Music Marathon.

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