February 2009
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no, not a fashion statement, but when searching for graphics I found this cassette belt buckle...
Welcome to an unusual show! The criteria was that an artist's recording could ONLY have been released on cassette tape, not on vinyl or CD, or later reissued on CD. So this puts us mostly in the 80s and 90s, with the releases of independent artists, most of which never had a prayer of getting played on the radio. I'm sharing two hours of some real gems of gay music.

Rob Costin's tape included artist friends
Grant King, Patrick Arena, and others


Part 1  58:00
Playlist - Airdate 2/23/09 - 58:00 min.
Martin Swinger - Military Ditty/Give Us Our Own (1994)
Ted Fox - Song for the Quilt (1992)
Ted Fox - Tell Me Why (1992)
Romanovsky & Phillips - Tell the Children (1983)
Larry Havluck - Must've Been Drunk (1985)
Larry Havluck - Porklips Now (1985)
Mark Weigle - Other Houses (1990)
Mark Weigle - Leave the Light Alone (1990)
Grant King - James and Me (1993)
Patrick Arena - Plastic Man (1993)
Dan Martin - One Boy (1996)
Y'all - Country Family (1993)
Y'All - The Earthworm Story (2000)
Y'All - Nana's Famous Chicken 'n Dumplin's (2000)
John Bucchino - It Feels Like Home (1985)
Christian Left - The National Anthem…And Then Some (1994)

Part 2  61:13
Christian Left - When I Grow Up (I Want To Be a Lesbian) (1994) Elliot Pilshaw & Lorin Sklamberg - Wise Command (1982)
Elliot Pilshaw & Lorin Sklamberg - Nu-town Saloon (1982)
Joe Bracco - Friend In My Pocket (1992)
Joe Bracco - Window Wacker (1992)
Andrew Mellen - RU + (1990)
Gay Boy Ric - I'm Da Beastie Gay (1997)
Eric Presland - Invisible People (1984)
Eric Presland - We Were In There (1984)
Peter Hicks - Stonewall '69 (1992)
Hugh Monroe - It's Raining Men (1994)
Lunacy - God Was a Woman (1992)
Heartsinger - November With Joe / Free (1986)
Wayne Numan - Love Potion (1992)

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Since the information on these tapes is so historic and hard to find, I've
scanned the entire cassette liners -- Click The Details tape above for those pages. They often include lyrics and additional photos.


My February & March shows are dedicated to Will Grega,
and I'll go into more detail on that on my March show.