Still More, Miscellaneous Drag Artists...

unknown, 1920s

Above, unknown
Below, Leon Finch, Marilyn Marlow

1910   1960s

Mr Cleo Stafford


Above, Vickie Foster Crain, 1945
Below, Miss Daiquiri St John


Below, tacky amateur drag, 1959

Olin Landyke, 1940s, who often appeared on Death Valley Days


Ricky Renee

Ricky Renee, Les Lee, Barry Scott, The Mimetimers

Larry Grayson, Kim Diamons

Below left, Milo, 1921 German postcard, soprano singer, female impersonator
Below right, Miss Lena, 1939


Michelle's Underground Follies, 1978

Dot Shannon at Liberty Follies Theatre, 1943

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