And Still More Miscellaneous Drag Artists...



Above, clippings on Wesley Davis, Billy Lee, Harry Mick

Above, Phil Black; Below, Baby Jane

Above, Baby Jane
Below, Baby Jan Ray

Above, Cookie Carr, Below Billy Richards

Below, Peggy Waddell

  worked with Jimmy Slater

Above right, Lawrence Stenning

Above and below from the UK
Rit'Al and Candy Du'Barry

Stacy Stevens "Guys Are Dolls Revue"

Bob Smith & His Female Impersonators from NY



Above, Frank Quinn, Mr Jayette, Mr Frankie Davis,
Below, Mr Bob Johnson

below, Fresno, 50s

Reg Stone, 1921

Click below for the story of George's

Below, Billy Richards

Famous Door, Indianapolis
Roby Landers

Sacramento Clubs

Club Ron-D-Voo, and more




Fillie Follies (Allan Lloyd)

Dixie's Bar of Music, NOLA, 1958

do not know if this was a drag club, or a costume night, like Halloween