Club 82 ...    also called "82 Club"

        famous female impersonator club in New York City

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Above, for the top one, the original owner of this card conveniently dated it, 1/1/56

and this one, dated 8/4/ was usual to see the performers in the background of a customer photo


Below, very similar pic
obviously, that Kitt Russell with the monogrammed jacket

from Arthur Nash Collection


Above left, 1967; below, 1966

 And, a couple shots from circa 1964
I've also seen this one dated 1968

The photo card below was surprisingly large, 9 1/2"x11"

above, with Terry Noel in back center, peacock

There were 82 Club cufflinks...

Big thanks to one of my site visitors, Cory (shown in above pic, on the right) who
visited the Club 82 as a young girl, in 1964, Ty Bennett (who she described
as pee-in-your-pants funny) is in rear center. Below, a club group shot.

Below, Terry Noel graciously filled in what names she could remember, and did pretty good.
She says this would have likely been 1962, and the star of the show was Ty Bennett, who was
always late in getting to the club, and missed being in the shot. After I did the names I learned of
an error in them: starting with "Rene Del Rio," the three names need to move one to the left.

Below three from same photo-card, blonde in rear center is Frankie Quinn; costumes look "70's"

and note the front of the card says "gayest" instead of "newest"

Below, obviously a boys night out, year unknown

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Below, at NYC Gay Pride, 1973
Photo by Eric Stephen Jacobs. It appeared in an issue of David (Aug 1973),
and probably many other places

This may look like a swizzle stick, but one of the Club 82 performers has told me that it's really
a "knocker"..."to bang on the table with approval by the audiences of the acts and the show"
below, more sticks

Below, the 82 Club exterior sign was rescued by NYC collector Joe Jeffreys
and this 2019 article tels more