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Info and pics on "The Faggot"...

         The Faggot

Al Carmines wrote and directed this show, which opened in May of 1973 at the Judson Memorial Church (where Carmines was minister), and quickly moved to the Truck and Warehouse Theatre in June, running for 203 performances and attracting a lot of attention. Carmines appeared in the show as Oscar Wilde and there were protrayals of Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, and Catherine the Great, and songs by a hustler, two leather men and a fag-hag gay bar owner. It got to the point right away, opening with "Women With Women, Men With Men."

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The Faggot

   from "David" Magazine, July 1973

And, a rare playbill from the show...

Below, playbill from a Nov 7, 1969 performance


Download this Playbill

Below, Al Carmines portrait, by David McDaniel