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Fist Goodbody & The Hollywood Harlots

Torturous Listening
Two LPs of the sounds of sex and torture


Fist Goodbody's Traveling Torture Show
"Warmin' Up" & "Doin' It"
Hot Waffle 1300, 1977

Download both sides, 20:11 min

I only found one reference on the identity of Fist Goodbody.
This site of copyright entries has this listing saying his real
name was Verne Langdon

He died in 2011, and there is a tribute site to him, at
Per the site "Verne Langdon was a monster maker, a musician, a magician,
a circus clown and a wrestler." And it details a lot of his very varied work,
but the site does not mention Fist Goodbody. This is odd considering
how very strange many of his credits are...an oversight? Looking over
the site I think "Fist" fits in well with the rest. From these two photos I found
I can convince myself it's the same person.


The Hollywood Harlots
PM Records, 1972
"Love, Gay Style"
"Young Lovers" & "S&M Party"

Download Both Sides, 22:24 min

...and, no, the LP had only a blank white cover,
so I took the liberty of making my own

below is how one internet site described the LP
(though the got the year wrong)

...and the photos

I do not own the one below, and haven't heard it, but it
seems to be on the same theme as Fist Goodbody