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"Honoring Our Ancestors"

YouTube Link

Browser setting changes have made it increasingly
difficult for viewing videos on my site, so I have
uploaded it to my YouTube Channel

Music composed and performed by: Steve Sandberg
Video written, directed, photographed,
edited and special effects by:
David Finkelstein, Lake Ivan Video
Album cover concept and scans: JD Doyle
Filmed in NYC, April 2002

Once upon a time, in early 2002, Ed Mannix and I were talking about the
upcoming Outmusic Awards event and he said there should be a table or
something set up showing the old albums, so people could be reminded of
our music history. I said something to the effect that, nah, people don't care
about table displays, it needs to be a video. And he took the ball to
David Finkelstein, who took it to composer Steve Sandberg, and they got
Yolanda and others to perform the song Steve wrote, while David masterfully
overlayed special effects using a hundred or so scans I provided from my
collection. It aired at the Outmusic Awards ceremony in June of that year,
and wowed the crowd.