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Christopher Isherwood Reads...

Goodbye to Berlin (18:46)
A Single Man (12:17)
A Visit to Anselm Oakes (30:53)

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One of our beloved writers was Christopher Isherwood (1904 - 1986), and his many books and
writings have spawned several well-known movies. "Goodbye to Berlin" became "Cabaret,"
"A Single Man" became a movie in 2009, and there have been movies about him: "Chris & Don:
A Love Story" (2008), and "Christopher and His Kind, a BBC television film in 2010. The film
"Chris & Don" celebrates their 33-year relationship, in which Isherwood was 30 years older.

There were several audio recordings released of him reading his work, but probably the most assessable to most would be an album from 1976, called "Christopher Isherwood Reads…"
which includes selections from "Goodbye to Berlin (Sally Bowles)," "A Single Man," and
"A Visit to Anselm Oakes."

August 26, 1904 -- January 4, 1986

Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy

Isherwood on Wikipedia