January 2005
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5th Anniversary Show
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Welcome to my salute to Gay Disco Music, where I'll explore the disco and dance music by gay artists, and also the even more select group of songs that are lyrically gay. In order to fit as much into this two-part show, I'm only able to use partial songs, but I sure got a lot of 'em in. And, if you know of a lyrically gay disco song I didn't include I'd love to hear about it, so please email me.

Playlist for January 24, 2005
Modern Rocketry - Homosexuality (1985)
Meco - Over the Rainbow (1978, background)
Gay Anthem Medley:
   Gloria Gaynor - I Am What I Am (1983)
   Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out (1980)
   Sister Sledge - We Are Family (1979)
   Grace Jones - I Need A Man (1977)
   Hazel Dean - Searchin (Gotta Find Me A Man) (1983)
   Katie Kissoon - I Need A Man In My Life (1984)
   Miquel Brown - So Man Men, So Little Time (1983)
   Weather Girls - It's Raining Men (1982)
   Gloria Gaynor - I Am What I Am (1983)

Paul Jabara - Last Dance (1978)
Paul Jabara & Patti Brooks - Take Good Care
   of My Baby (1978)
Sylvester Medley:
   Dance Disco Heat (1978)
   You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (1979)
   Do You Wanna Funk (1982, with Patrick Cowley)

Patrick Cowley - Menergy (1981)
Paul Parker - Right On Target (1982)
Simpson's Gay Mix
"In & Out" movie track - Do Not Dance (1997)
Boystown Gang - Cruising In The Streets (1981)
Skatt Brothers - Walk the Night (1980)
Disco Tex & the Sex-o-lettes - Get Dancin' (1974)
Sex O'Clock USA - You're My Man (1976)
Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way (1977)
Danny Boy & the Serious Party Gods - Castro Boy (1982)
Gay Men - I'm a Man Who Needs a Man (1983)
Manuel Sanchez - Oh Happy Gay (1998)
Adam Baum & Frustrated Housewives - I Know
   What Boys Like (2003)
Holly Johnson - Legendary Children (1994)
RuPaul Interview (2005)
RuPaul Songs:
   Coming Out of Hiding (2004)
   Looking Good Feeling Gorgeous (2004)
   Love Is Love (2004)
   Free To Be (1995)
   Queer Duck Theme (2000)
   Strudelmodel (1993)
   Supermodel (1993)

Read the script for the show...Plus there's more photos

Gloria Gaynor & Meco

Above, Gloria Gaynor & Meco

"Wizard of Oz" by Meco

Okay, Meco is not gay, but I loved using his disco instrumental of "Over the Rainbow" (from the wonderful "Wizard of Oz" LP under the talking intro for show #1. That him with Gloria Gaynor above the album.


Some images have another image behind it,
pass cursor over it to see it

Gay Anthems

Modern Rocketry 

Above, a rare photo of Modern Rocketry's Morey Goldstein and Ken Kessie; their 12" is below

Modern Rocketry

Playlist for January 31, 2005
Coming Out Crew - Free Gay & Happy (1995)
Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom Boom (1990)
Rent - I Love To Be Queer (2000)
Linda Clifford - If My Friends Could See Me Now ('78)
Alicia Bridges - I Love the Nightlife (Disco Round) ('78)
Village People Medley:
   Fire Island (1978)
   Macho Man - I Am What I Am (1978)
   Key West (1978)
   San Francisco (1978)
   YMCA (1978)
   In the Navy (1979)
   Go West (1979)

Randy Jones Interview (2005)
Village People - My Roommate (1978)
Village People - Liberation (1980)

Billy Connolly - In The Brownies (1979)
Unknown - YMCA (sung in Cantonese)
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (1984)
Dare 2B Dif'rnt - Please (2004)
Bronski Beat - Why (1984)
Communards - There's More To Love Than Boy
   Meets Girl (1987)
Jimmy Somerville - Read My Lips (1989)
Erasure - Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man
   After Midnight (1986)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (1983)
Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up and Sleep With Me ('95)
Sin With Sebastian - He Belongs To Me (1995)
Michael Dane - Let's Make Love (1981)
Man 2 Man & Man Parrish - I Need A Man (1987)
Marseilles - What Makes A Man A Man (1990s)
Laurance Tan - I Will Follow Him (1998)
Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You (1984)
Dan Hartman Medley - Relight My Fire / This Is It / Countdown (1978)

Tom Robinson comments on Dan Hartman (2004)
Dan Hartman - Instant Replay (1978)


Paul JabaraJabara 45

Paul Jabara (1948-1992) was a singer, actor, songwriter and producer who well earned his spot in disco heaven. Before his disco stardom he was in the original Broadway production of "Hair," and was the original King Herod in the London production of "Jesus Christ Superstar." As a songwriter he helped blaze Donna Summer's star with "Last Dance," and gave "The Main Event" to Barbra Streisand, and both got to sing his "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)." His contributions to "Thank God It's Friday" won him an Oscar, a Grammy and a Golden Globe. And he was the first to produce a Whitney Houston recording, and co-wrote "It's Raining Men" for the Weather Girls. Also, Jabara co-founded the Red Ribbon Project in 1991, and is credited with conceiving and distributing the first AIDS Red Ribbon.

Sylvester  Sylvester, photo by JD Doyle Sylvester

Sylvester & Patrick Cowley

Sylvester: above left from 1974, from his Cockettes days, far right sheet music from his hit "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real" (from 1979), and in the middle, one I was lucky to take myself while visiting San Francisco in 1981, he was a "celebrity judge" at a Castro Street dog parade. Click for more Sylvester. Below, Patrick Cowley and Sylvester, and his 12" 45 of "Menergy." And below that is a poster for the release, and another artist he produced, Paul Parker, who scored big with "Right on Target" in 1982.

Patrick Cowley & Sylvester    "Menergy" 12"

I did a special 2-hour Sylvester Tribute in July 2012

Italian 45

"Menergy" ad    Paul Parker albums

Click for article on Paul Parker


Boys Town Gang albums  Boys Town Gang  

Click for larger scans of Boys Town Gang 12-incher

Boys Town Gang, produced by DJ Bill Motley; Cynthia Manley sang the lead vocals. And below, the Skatt Brothers' album "Strange Spirits" brought us "Walk the Night" and "Life at the Outpost." Group member David Fernandez has been featured on a previous show, in Aug 2003, as a member of the cast of the early gay musical "Lovers." And another member, Sean Delaney, was instrumental in creation of the group Kiss and was often called "The Fifth Kiss"

Skatt Brothers   Skatt Brothers

Below, Monti Rock III, under the guise of Disco Tex & the Sex-o-Lettes, scored big with "Get Dancin'" in 1974. But mostly Monti got attention for his flamboyant act, and was on the Johnny Carson show 84 times. A current pic is below right, and one of 70's vintage below the album.

Disco Tex & His Sex-O-Lettes    Monti Rock III  

Monti Rock III    

Here's a Rare interview/article on Monti Rock III, from 1972, with full frontal nude photo

 Danny Boy & the Serious Party Gods

Click Here to listen to "Castro Boy"

I've seen references that the singer on "Castro Boy" was gay comedian Danny Williams.
It's a very rare record and
above is the label. I've seen it go for over $200 on eBay.

Below, the very laid back "You're My Man" and a poster for the movie it was from.

                      Sex O'Clock 45     Sex O'Clock movie ad

Click Here to listen to "You're My Man"

Carl Bean was born this way...

Carl Bean

above, 1977 pic

below, Bishop Carl Bean

Carl Bean  Carl Bean

Click Here to listen to "I Was Born This Way" (1977)


Carl Bean, now Archbishop Carl Bean, updated Valentino's R&B song with a disco beat in 1977, and it's been updated and re-released at least twice since then. Bean founded the Unity Fellowship Church in Los Angeles,which is dedicated to helping blacks with HIV. Click here for a lot more on Carl Bean.


Carl Bean 45

Carl Bean remixes

Below, Gay Men, from Holland, 1983, with their very Out 45, and, center, their
provocative "Get Your Hands In My Pants," and right, German cutie Manuel
Sanchez' very upbeat CD single from 1998. His 2002 album "Good News from
a Small Town Boy" I bet was an allusion to the Bronski Beat hit.

Gay Men 45 Gay Men 12" 


Frustrated Housewives    Frustrated Housewives    Frustrated Housewives

Queering the Waitresses song "I Know What Boys Like"
was Adam Baum & the Frustrated Housewives

Red Hot


RuPaul has come a long way since 1986's "Star Booty," and I'm pleased to share an interview with her fresh after the release of her 2004 album "Red Hot"

Click to See an unofficial video for "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous"

Star Booty
disco ball, one of many

Extra Features:
Links.....I've put the artist links on a special page, Click to go there.
I've gathered the lyrics for a few of the queer disco songs...Selected Lyrics
And, Click Here, to see a few other gay Trash Disco artists I could not fit into this show.
JD Collage....think you know disco music? hear the clips and see how many you know...:)

Show #2

Coming Out Crew, Sabrina Johnston   

Sabrina Johnston sang lead, and it came out in at least 10 mixes, and below, though not a good one, the only photo I have of the duo Rent


Click Here to listen to "I Love To Be Queer"

Linda Clifford


Paul Lekakis

Paul Lekakis brought us "Boom Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)," from his "Tattoo It" album in 1990

Paul Lekakis

Alicia Bridges

(left) Linda Clifford's "If My Friends Could See Me Now" was the first song to which I danced with a man, a fitting choice, I thought. And above, one of Alicia Bridges albums, following her smash hit "I Love the Nightlife (Disco Round)". See my March 2008 QMH for an exclusive interview with her.

My own "sorta" Linda Clifford connection...


Village People

VP early ad  Village People, the EP  VP on Rolling Stone

VP with Jacques Morali & Henri Belolo   VP

above left, the guys with their mentors Henri Belolo and Jacques Morali   

Cant Stop the MusicCruisin'Macho ManGreatest Hits

Live and SleazyGo WestRenaissance......what were they thinking?

Added August 2016
"Can't Stop the Music"
on View-Master

and, Village People in Houston photos, 1979

Randy Jones, the original VP Cowboy

Randy Jones   Randy Jones

in the year or so prior to joining Village People (and the rest was history...) Randy did
some modeling...above are a couple shots I found in a 1978 issue of After Dark

Randy Jones

below, a delightful parody by British comedian Billy Connolly, 1979

Billy Connolly 45

left, stud shot, circa 1978, and below some candids I took of Randy a couple of years ago, first with Zecca and Ari Gold; Randy hosting an Outmusic Open Mic; and then just with me

Zecca, Randy, Ari Gold, photo by JD Doyle

Randy hosting an Open Mic, photo by JD Doyle

JD & Randy

Randy Jones Interview

I could only fit about a third of it into my show,
and the rest is also very interesting.
Click Here to stream it, about 33 minutes.

Bronski Beat / Communards / Jimmy Somerville

"Smalltown Boy"     Steve Bronski

Bronski Beat albums   Bronski Beat albums

The epic "Smalltown Boy" was the first release from the debut album by Bronski Beat, called "Age of Consent," in 1984. They were Steve Bronski, Larry Steinbacheck and Jimmy Somerville. Somerville quit the group to form (with Richard Coles) the Communards, and in 1989 went solo. All three acts are known for their Out political songs.

Communards album     Communards


Above, the video to have in order to see videos of all three acts, and right, the new one from Jimmy, "Home Again"



Dare 2B Dif'rnt          Erasure

Above left, Paulie D. and Debra Torres are the duo Dare 2B Dif'rnt, and their new release,
"Please," is an open homage to the influence of the song "Smalltown Boy." Above right
is the very gay cover version by Erasure of the Abba song, "Gimme Gimme Gimme
(A Man After Midnight)," and below, pics of Vince Clark (left) and Andy Bell of Erasure.

Erasure   Erasure  Erasure

  Holly Johnson & Frankie Goes To Hollywood

 Holly Johnson  FGTH  "Relax" by FGTH

and, from Germany in 1995, Sin With Sebastian

Sebastian   Sebastian

"I stood on the corner / Just to find me a man / 'Cause I had me a hunger / For some muscle and tan... " Well, that's how the song "Let's Make Love" starts out, but Michael Dane may well be the most obscure artist on this show. I got the song on tape from a friend years ago, and never saw the actual disc, and the story is it may be an English or Belgium release, from 1981. If anyone has info, or a pic of the artist, pul-eeze let me know...:)

Click Here to listen to Michael Dane's "Let's Make Love"

Man 2 Man, and Man Parrish

Man 2 Man   Man 2 Man   Man 2 Man and Man Parrish   Man Parrish

Marseilles   Laurance Tan

A couple of disco cover versions were done by the artists above, from France the artist Marseilles did the Charles Aznavour classic "What Makes A Man A Man," and Singapore native Laurance Tan, now living in Toronto, in 1998 did a job on the Little Peggy March gem "I Will Follow Him"

Click Here to listen to "What Makes A Man A Man"

Dan Hartman

I am very pleased to bring you Tom Robinson's moving comments
about his friend, Dan Hartman (from a June 2004 interview with Tom)

Dan Hartman & Tom Robinson  Instant Replay

It Hurts To Be In LoveI Can Dream About YouImagesKeep the Fire Burnin'

Instant ReplayName of the GameRelight My FireSecond Nature

    This Is It  Instant Replay  Dan Hartman

Keith Haring disco drawingKeith Haring disco drawingKeith Haring disco drawingKeith Haring disco drawingKeith Haring disco drawing