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Yer Girlfriend Recording Info:

CD's released in 1989, 1992, and 1995

Laura Shine and Carol Kraemer were the principle writers and vocalist, with Phyllis Free on drums,
and with Patty O. Veranda and Kathy Weisbach rounding out the group. This line-up continued
for the second album, and for their guest spot on the "Family of Friends" compilation.
For their third and last album, "Not Afraid to Love," Patty and Kathy were no longer members,
and new members were Cindy Campbell, Liz Welsh and Lisa Cates.



And, by the way, the TV show "L-Word" did not begin until 2002


And their song "Lez-Be-Bop" appeared on the 1993 wonder compilation
"A Family of Friends: Women's Music Sampler," produced by Jamie Anderson.
It's the only place you can find this track.

And the rarest place to find Yer Girlfriend, one of their tracks
appeared ona Hot Wire Magazine Flexible Soundsheet,
and in good company