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Cris Williamson: The Early Recordings

And below, I thank Aussie journalist supreme Sue Barrett for allowing me to
share an in-depth article she wrote on Cris. It is especially enlightening for
the coverage of the early recordings.

The Ampex Album

Though beyond the scope of this show, I wanted to give information on the other early
non-Olivia release. "Cris Williamson" was released on Ampex, perhaps without sufficient
promotion. Though the album was done with the proper flare...a gatefold jacket, with lyrics.
This was 1971, the time of Carole King's "Tapestry," and the first releases of Carly Simon

and other singer/songwriter artists. By 1973 the label ceased operation. Its biggest hit was
"We Gotta Get You A Woman" by Todd Rundgren (as "Runt"), in 1970. See the article
above for a description of how the album was important to Meg Christian, and perhaps
led to their meeting, and, as they say, the rest was herstory.

In 1981 Olivia Records re-issued the album, though without the gatefold cover, and
later it was again released, this time on CD, on Cris' Wolf Moon label.