Jewel Box Club, Miami


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From news articles found using Google News, I believe Danny & Doc's Miami club operated from early 1946 through the end of 1950. I was surprised that I found very few ads for the actual club.




Below, see how the above right ad was recycled from their 1942 Tampa Club opening


Above right, Joe Papane in May had come from the "opening of the new Jewel Box at Miami Beach."


Above...Gee, the club had been open since at least March




Note: (September 2012, the program at the top of the page was
offered on eBay, with a description that the seller's parents bought
it while on a vacation from Michigan on August, 16, 1951.
So, despite the above clipping, it was open in 1951.

Does the above mean there was a Jewel Box Club in Miami in 1952? At what location?

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