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OMAs, Knitting Factory, June 13th

Freddy Freeman opened the show

1506-Freddy Freeman

host, Tom Robinson

1509  1510

Randy Jones and Will Grega presented the Outstanding Recording - Instrumental
to Eve Sicular of Metropolitan Klezmer

1512  1513

Stephen Franz, nominee for Outstanding Debut Recording - Male

1515  1521

Janell Rock, nominee for Outstanding Debut Recording, Female

and Larry Flick, recipient of Outstanding Support Award

1522  1523

performance by Girlyman, nominees for Outstanding New Recording - Duo or Group

and Outmusic Board Member Ed Mannix

1525  1524

Tom McCormack presented a Special Recognition OMA to Marsha Stevens

1527  1529

Yvonne Evans and Ashley Moore accepted the award for the
Trancendence Gospel Choir for
Outstanding New Recording - Chorus or Choir

1531  1533

Johnny Dangerous was nominated for New Recording and Debut Recording, Male

1534  1536

Brady Earnhart, nominee for Outstanding New Recording - Male

1538  1537

Reuben and Dan Martin presented awards

1544  1547

Andrea Bunch, nominee for Outstanding Debut Recording - Female

and Alix Dobkin describing the Special Achievement OMA for Maxine Feldman

1545  1546

Andrew Spice, nominee for Outstanding Debut Recording - Male

1549  1549a

Rachael Sage, double nominee, for Outstanding Songwriter and Producer

1550  1551

Outmusic founders Dan Martin and Michael Biello presented the Songwriter award to Michael Holland, below


1554  1553

Tom Robinson, presenting the Outmusic Heritage Award to Jayne County


1557  1558    



OMA show director Jade Esteban Estrada


Pamela Means, recipient of the OMA for Outstanding New Recording - Female

1565  1566


Tim Daly and Pablo Ratliff of Testosterone Kills, nominees for the Outstanding Duo/Group Award

1570  1571

Carol Kassel presented the Duo/Group OMA to Girlyman (Nate Barofsky, Ty Greenstein, Doris Muramatsu)

1573  1575

Jinx Titanic of Super 8 Cum Shot received the Outstanding Producer Award from Tom Robinson

1578  1584

The Cathy Richardson Band was nominated for Outstanding Producer

1582  1583

Julie Clark was nominated for Outstanding Debut Recording - Female

1589a  1586

Nominated for Outstanding Recording - Female - was K.J. Denhert

1594  1595

Adam Joseph, nominated for New Recording and Debut Recording, Male, and Outsong

1605  1606

Jen Foster received the OMA for Outstanding Debut Recording - Female

1607  1611

Justin Tranter presented the Outsong Award to Catie Curtis, accepted by Girlyman

1612  1614

Freddy Freeman was nominated for Outmusician

1615  1616

Yolanda, last year's Outmusician announced that Alix Olson (not present) was this year's recipient


and some candid pics from before and after the Awards, these two are of JD Doyle and Andrew Spice, and Audiofile co-producers Christopher David Trentham and Chris Wilson surrounding Jeff Krassner

1623  1624

Left, Jon Gilbert Leavitt, Toshio Mana, Larry Flick, Dan Martin & Michael Biello. Right, Yolanda, Michael Holland, his boyfriend, and Karen Mack, outside the Knitting Factory

1494  1495

Left, Yolanda, Martin Swinger, Brian Kauffman. Right, Richard Foltz, Martin Swinger, Ron Waite, Grant King, outside the Knitting Factory before the Awards

1498  1499

Left to Right, Jo Ellen (Andrea Bunch's mother), Aerin Tedesco, Andrea Bunch, and Leah Zicari


Left, Martin Swinger & Tom Wilson Weinberg. Right, Corinne Curcio & Carol Kassel

1507  1500

OMA audience shot