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Fifth Column, Recordings

Five songs on the "Urban Scorch" V.A. tape, 1982

"Boy/Girl" 7", 1985

"To Sir With Hate" LP, 1985

"To Sir With Hate" inside cover liner notes

"All Time Queen of the World," 1990

"All Women Are Bitches / Donna" 7", 1992

"All Women Are Bitches" inside liner

"Yo Yo Gang" Soundtrack cassette, 1992

"Don't" on a split 7" with 3 by God Is My Co-Pilot, 1993

"36C" CD, 1994

"I Love You But" split 7" with Trailer Queen, 1994

"I Love You But" is a cover of a song sung by Ann-Margret, as Ann Margrock, on The Flintstones, 1963


"Detox Killer (Erotic Thriller)" appeared on the 1994 comp "Rock Stars Kill"

Below, the last release by Fifth Column was "Imbecile," recorded in 1995 but
not released until 2002 on the Kill Rock Stars comp, "Fields and Streams"

"Don't" appeared on the "Free to Fight" comp, 1995

In 2004 the song "All Women Are Bitches" was covered by Montreal band Lesbians On
Ecstacy, for their self-titled CD. They renamed it "Bitchsy," and the next year it was
remixed by a Toronto band, Kids On TV, and that version appeared on the LOE
CD "Giggles In The Dark." Scott Kerr of Kids on TV was the producer of the first
recording by Fifth Column, on that rare "Urban Scorch" tape, in 1982.


Below, Kids on TV

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