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Sylvester Recordings

Below, photo from back cover

Above, Italian 45, 1979


I've seen a number of 8-tracks on eBay

Below, French Interview, 1982

[ Below is a rough translation into English, courtesy of Michael Doyle ]

Interviewer: So Sylvester, I've heard it said that you will return soon to France.

Sylvster: Yes, very soon, I would like to present a show. I adore this country.
The manner is very nice. Paris is a city fabulous for me.

I: And good, for someone who doesn't speak French, on the contrary, it is good.

S: So, so, I try.

I: Good. Your new album has become a true hit in all of the French discos. What is your favorite song?

S: My favorite song is "Don't Stop." I have worked a lot on this arrangement.
It has very good rhythm, a lot of magic. It is fabulous. I am very content to decide.

I: To relate your six days in France, Sylvester, tell us what you do.

S: Present my show, and do a little shopping on the boulevard St-Michel. I adore shopping in Paris;
the French love a lot of class. And also the Parisian restaurants, they are superb.

I: You like therefore the French cuisine. What type of dishes do you prefer?

S: I like escargots, beef burgundy, the champagne…

I: Of course!

S: It is good. The crepes. I like the French cuisine.

I: But in Paris, how do you know where to go?

S: I am very lucky. The record company Polydor supplied a guide for me to take me out. I adore Polydor.

I: And "All I Need," your new album, has a sensational cover. How did you come to choose this image?

S: Ah good, Tony Chiumento, an artist in New York, came up with it from an idea of mind. Immediately I found it amazing.

I: So, would you like to say something more?

S: Yes, I hope that you will like my music….Don't Stop the dancing, my music.

Below, just scratching the surface on the single releases



Above, the "Get Off" anti-drug PSA album
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Below, sheet music



Above & Below, screen shots from "Gay Voice of the 80s" DVD, 1987

Below, his 1985 SF Cable Car Awards song is also on the DVD, and on Youtube

Above & Below, Youtube images from "Tricia's Wedding"