Mustang Band

Reclaiming Lost History

The Mustang Band started in Houston in the late 1970's, as an offshoot of the social organization,
The Mustang Club. They played all of the club's functions and then started working at other clubs
and bars in Texas. From that point they began shows outside of the state, including playing the
Mardi Gras for six years, and a regular route of bars in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City,
Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. They played the Reno Gay Rodeo (3 years), and
even got as far as Cincinnati and Boston.

All told, they played together for about seven that time the AIDS epidemic decimated the
band and their audiences, and they stopped playing in the early 1980's. I took this information from
emails sent to me by founding member Larry Hodge, who said he believes he is the only surviving
member. He now lives in central Illinois.

Like a lot of bar bands they played mostly cover songs, and while they did no professional recording,
Larry was able to send me a CD made from a cassette tape recorded at a show. I am pleased to share
with you some lost history. From the recording I picked two with the best sound...

"I Don't Wanna Cry" and "Drivin' My Life Away"

"Heart Over Mind" and "Rose-Colored Glasses"

Larry Hodge is second from the right. Below is a scan of the large
patches Mustang Club members wore on the back of their jackets.

I don't have all the names of the members, but I could gleen from articles the following:
(of course, there were the usual personnel changes, and remember in these
years people were more careful getting their full names in public)

Larry Hodge
Joseph Siegler, fiddler
Robin Le Normand, drummer
Tom Groves, manager
Robert Badalato, vocals
Terry LeMont, bass
Russ Lewindowski, keyboard






above from Midnight Rider

below from Midnite Rider

the Drummer, Robin Le Normand, on the cover of TWT

below, for the club rather than the band

and where can I get a copy of this elusive 45???



(addresses have been sanitized)