June 2002
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Playlist: (airdate June 24, 2002)
Jewel Akens - he's good for me (1973)
Neil Sedaka -my best friend barbara (1963)
Neil Sedaka - where the boys are (1967)
Goldie & the Gingerbreads - can't you
    hear my heart beat? (1965)
Carol Shaw - jimmy boy (1963)
Isis - waiting for the sonrise (1974, part)
Isis - she loves me (1974)

Ann Reed mini-interview
(Oct 2001)
Ann Reed - power tools (1997)

Yvonne Perea mini-interview
(Oct 2001)
Yvonne Perea - hide (2000)
Yvonne Perea - my love is divine (2000)
Valentino - i was born this way (1975)

Feature Interview: Anne Engel
(Feb 2002)
Anne Engel - let it happen (2000)
Anne Engel - the ride (2000)
Anne Engel - please please please (2000)

Script...your chance to read it...

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Ann Reed
Yvonne Perea
Anne Engel
Isis info

Goldenrod Music

Many of recordings heard on QMH can be purchased at Goldenrod Music. Please click on the photo to visit their site.

Jewel Akens 45, 1973  Jewel Akens CD  

Above, Jewel Akens' very queer 45 from 1973, and below, his CD collection. Further below is a more 2001 pic of him and below that, the ad I found in a September 12, 1973 issue of The Advocate, calling it the "first gay rock single 45." Click for larger scans of the 45 and ad.


And I interviewed Jewel Akens about this 45 on This Show



In the 60s Neil Sedaka recorded some demos that
today sound oh so gay. Below, he and his writing
partner Howard Greenfield.


Two of the members of the mid-70s group Isis, Carol MacDonald and Ginger Bianco, were members of Goldie & the Gingerbreads, who had a UK hit in 1965 with "Can't You Hear My Heart Beat."

Isis LP "Isis," 1974   Isis LP "Breaking Through, " 1977   Isis LP "Ain't No Backin' Up Now," 1975

Isis was the first all-female band signed to a major label. Their self-titled, and eye-catching 1974 LP featured the songs heard on this show. The LP "Ain't No Backin' Up Now," produced by Allen Toussaint was issued in 1975. Their final album, "Breaking Through," from 1977, was produced by Len Barry, who gave us the 1965 hit "1-2-3." Jeanie Fineberg, who was a group member for the first two albums, went on to form the group Deuce, whose 1986 release featured guest vocals by Carol MacDonald and Teresa Trull. Carol was lead singer and main writer for most of the songs on their three albums.

Isis   Alix Dobkin & Carol MacDonald

Above right, 12" EP Carol and Alix Dobkin released in 1986, "These Women--Never Been Better"

Isis at the IHOP, 1974: Seated L to R: Suzi Ghezzi, Stella Bass, Jeanie Fienberg, Nydia Mata,
Lauren Draper, Carol MacDonald and Ginger Bianco. Standing is Lolly Bienenfield.
Below, group pic, pass cursor over image to see names.

above, March 1975 Village Voice ad

A sad message I received about Carol MacDonald:

My name is Faith Fusillo, and in a former life (in the 70s) I was with the all-women band, ISIS. (Note: I only appeared on the last album ("Breakin' Through")...there were three albums in total, as I'm sure you know.)

I am writing with sad news that Carol MacDonald, the group's co-founder, died on Monday, March 12, 2007 after a long illness. It is interesting, I think, to note that Carol's death occurred on the night of the annual "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" Induction Ceremonies. While she was neither a household name nor a million record seller, many of the successful female musicians over the last 20 years (from Joan Jett to Melissa Etheridge) would not be where they are today if it weren't for Carol and her pioneering sisters with whom she played in the groups Goldie and The Gingerbreads (1960s) and Isis (1970s).

Perhaps the fans of your website will be interested to know about Carol's passing.

Who is Ann Reed?
Well, according to her website, she's a "Singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, storyteller, playwright and screenwriter wanna-be, do-gooder, nice person, lifetime Girl Scout, friend to all park rangers."
Check out her very interesting site..she even sells a "Power
Tools" wardrobe...

Back & Forth, 1990Road of the Heart, 1991By Request, 1992Hole in the Day, 1993Life Gets Real, 1995

Just a Partial Discography

Through the Window, 2000Not Your Average Holiday CD, 2001Gift of Age, 2002Valentine's CD, 2003Telling Stories, 2006


Above is Yvonne Perea's 1996 debut CD "Knowing This Path," followed in 2000 by "Tomorrow's Day," and the CD single of "Hide." Her latest CD "My Peace," (below left) is from June 2002. And in the center she's at the 2001 Houston Women's Festival



Valentino's very Out 45, "I Was Born This Way," was written by a straight woman, Bunny Jones, shown above. She found Valentino to record it and talked Motown into releasing it. The song's lyrics go "I'm happy, I'm carefree, I'm gay, yes, I'm gay, t'aint no fault, tis a fact, I was born this way." Carl Bean later recorded the song.

Click for more info on Valentino and Carl Bean

Special Featured Artist: Anne Engel

"Endless Possibilities" CD   Anne in Houston, photo by JD  

Above, Anne's excellent debut album "Endless Possibilities." And, upper
center and lower left, from her February 15, 2002, appearance in Houston.


And Click Here to hear Anne talk about the song