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"The King Is A Queen At Heart"

King Edward VIII

In addition to the scandal of his abdication so that he could marry the divorced
Wallis Simpson, King Edward VIII was widely rumored to be homosexual.
Google on "King Edward VIII" and "homosexual" and it yields about 21,000 hits.

The photos from this 1925 article show the Prince of Wales
in a dress, and even though it was for a role in a play,
the tone of the coverage of his lifestyle seems to indicate
that he was quite the subject of rumors

Edward, Prince of Wales, in drag, 1925

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PDF Courtesy of Elise Chenier

I have only a small photo of Judd Rees, who very blatantly sang about
then King Edward VIII. He's in the lower center of the show ad below.

The 78 rpm record below was from 1934 when Edward had just become
King, abdicating in 1936, resulting in his brother becoming
King George VI, setting the stage for the film "The King's Speech."

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"His troups are ablazen with colour, as they parade in the castle courtyards,
From the swish of their stride he has named them with pride,
The king's own homosexual guards, To suggest that the Spanish is more
apropos than the mannish, On a new conquest gives him a start.
He'll be gay till the end till he's too old to bend for The King's Just A Queen At Heart."

The Judd Rees song has appeared on CD, but on one Very hard to find.