Lesbian Tide

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Margie Adam
Alive & Trish Nugent
Meg Christian
Alix Dobkin
Maxine Feldman
Sue Fink
Robin Flower

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Kay Gardner
Holly Near
New Haven's Women's Liberation Rock Band
Olivia Records

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Round Table Discussion
November 1974
(an amazing discussion with Margie Adam,
Ginny Berson, Meg Christian, Casse Culver,
Alix Dobkin, Kay Gardner, New Haven Women's
Liberation Rock Band, and Cris Williamson)

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Linda Shear
Linda Tillery
Teresa Trull
Willie Tyson
Cris Williamson
Wise Women Enterprises

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Lesbian Comics:
Maxine Feldman
Robin Tyler
Ivy Bottini
Bread & Roses
Alix Dobkin
Robin Flower