Lynn Lavner,

America's Most Politically Incorrect Entertainer

This page is dedicated to the recordings of Lynn Lavner, plus features some additional photos.

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Ladies Don't Spit & Holler

Above is the "CD version" of "Ladies..." which was put onto CD by Bruce Reeves. The new artwork was by Judy Reeves.

Lynn calls her first album "The Lynn Lavner White Album," because they could not afford to do an LP jacket for it. It was the music from a musical called "Ladies Don't Spit & Holler," which played on college campuses and also off-Broadway for a very short time in 1981. There was a cast of four women, and Lynn wrote all the songs, but only sang on one of them, "A Confidence." (Click on the title to hear a little bit of it). Below is a homemade cassette version of the album.

    homemade tape

Something Different (1983)

Something Different
Daddy Missed the Day
28 Barbary Lane
Shelly, You've Gone Nelly On Me
Come To the Bars
Darling, Is That You?
The Man Behind the Bar
When You Haven't Got Love/My Trick
The Role-Playing Tango
Such Good Friends
Two-Timing Bill
You Must Be From Brooklyn, Too

(you can click on the ones in blue
to hear part of the song)

Something Different

I'd Rather Be Cute


I'd Rather Be Cute (1986)

I'd Rather Be Cute
A Mother's Lament
Thank You, Lizabeth Scott
Such Fine Young Men
First Dyke on Dynasty
Breaking Silence
Number One
That's All Right With Me
Oh, How I Love Cabaret
Dear Mrs. Sperber


You Are What You Wear (1988)

You Are What You Wear
The Cat
Older Women
Anne Frank
The Seduction
Leather and Lace
That Festive Little Neighborhood
That's What My Woman Is
My Favorite Fan
Politically Correct
For Every One Who Falls
Au Revoir

(pass your cursor over cover
to see flip side)

You Are What You Wear
  Butch Fatale, the CD   Butch Fatale, the cassette tape  


Butch Fatale (1992)

A Lesbian Too Long
my upbringing*
Seven Nights
butch and femme*
Gay 90's
gay parents*
For the Children
Enjoy Yourself
the bird* (admonitions)
Alone Together
the festivals*
Come Home
taking chances*
In Another Lifetime

titles with * are
comedy monologues


"Butch Fatale" was Lynn's first live album, and is special as it gives the listener a chance to hear her comedy talent, including a couple of her well-known quotes. Above, CD and cassette versions of it.

just posing...

  And, there was merchandise.....

Lynn Lavner wristwatch   Lynn Lavner t-shirt

I mean, like, who knew there were Lynn Lavner wrist watches and t-shirts?

These two photos are courtesy of the Gulf Coast Museum & Archives in Houston

If you have candid shots of Lynn to contribute to this page, I'd love to see them.

below, ad for one of her shows in Houston, from This Week in Texas magazine

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