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"Love Is A Drag"
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It would be a vast understatement to say I was delighted when Murray Garrett contacted me
to tell me who the vocalist was on the "Love Is A Drag" LP. I had so many questions, and
immediately requested an interview to capture all the mystery of this LP. I had searched for
many years for any information on it, always coming up dry, and didn't even now the exact
year it was released. I consider this the first lyrically gay full length music album, so this was
a story I was glad to reveal. And I had fun creating the mock newspaper graphic as if it were
breaking news....well, to me, it kinda was.

Part 1 - 58:48
Gene Howard - Mad About the Boy (1962)
Murray Garrett Interview
Gene Howard - My Man (1962)
Gene Howard - The Man I Love (1962)
Stan Kenton Orchestra, w/ Gene Howard - She's Funny That Way (1945)
Gene Howard - He's Funny That Way (1962)
Gene Howard - He's My Guy (1962)
Gene Howard - The Boy Next Door (1962)
Gene Howard - Jim (1962)
Gene Howard - Bill (1962)
Gene Howard - Can't Help Lovin' That Man (1962)

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