MONA'S 440

Mona's was a very popular lesbian bar in San Francisco in the 1940's. Above, male impersonators
and performers between sets at the club, with Beverly Shaw seated, center. The photo below,
circa 1945, shows Shaw at Mona's. Standing (left to right): "Butch," Jan Jansen, Kay Scott,
Jimmy Reynard; Seated: (left to right) "Mike," Beverly Shaw, unidentified, "Mickey."


above, napkin from eBay auction I won,
and below, from one I lost

recent t-shirt tribute

After there was Mona's 440, there was

MONA'S Candle Light
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Watch Video

Watch a short historic 8 minute video of Jan Janssen, above left, introduced by drag king Jimmy Reynard, circa 1950.
Janssen was regularly advertised as singing there 1950-1951

the dealer who sold me the napkin verified her grandmother got it from a visit there in 1950