October 2012
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Part 1 - 60:12
Anita Bryant Intro
Tom Paxton - Anita O.J. (1978)
Four Swallows - (Lord Knows) I Don't Need Anita (1977)
Bob Kunst Comments (2012)
Lynn Frizzel - Hurricane Anita (1977)
Linda Tillery - Don't Pray for Me (1977)
Casse Culver - What Are We Going To Do About Anita? (1977)
Ginni Clemmens - Love Somebody (1980)
Rod McKuen - Don't Drink the Orange Juice (1977)
Steve Stone Comments (2012)
Ray Hill Comments (2012)
Joseph McCarthy Is Alive and Living in Dade County
      - The Children (1977)
James Sears Comments (2001)
Charlie King - Thank You, Anita (1979)


Part 2 - 71:47
International Gay Society - Stand Up for Your Rights (1977)
Michelle Faithe - Ode to Anita (1977)
Ronn Kauffman Comments (2012)
Ron Kauffman - Anita's Crusaders (1977)
Hank Baron - Standing Before the Judge (1982)
Conan - Tell Ol' Anita (1979)
Robin Tyler - Dear Ms Bryant (1977)
Robin Tyler Comments (2009)
Paul Vincent - Gay Rock for Anita (1977)
Basement Faith - Anita Chiquita (~1977-78)
Judy Small Comments (2002)
Judy Small - Festival of Light (1982, part)
Gay Liberation Qwire - Festival of Light (1983, part)
Manfred Langer - A Message From Holland (1977)
Zangeres Zanger Naam - Luister, Anita (1977)
David Allan Coe - Fuck Anita Bryant (1978)
New Folk Revival - Song for Anita Bryant (~1978)
Leon Russell - Anita Bryant (1978)

The Harvey Milk Show - Anita (1996)
Tom Wilson Weinberg Comments (2012)
Tom Wilson Weinberg - Second Runner-Up (1979)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, & Armistead Maupin -
      Michael's Letter to Mama (2003)


Below, at the Anti Anita Bryant Rally in Houston, June 1977







Below, after an organization already named Save Our Children filed an injunction against using their name,
the coalition temporarily changed their name to Protect America's Children, and then to the Anita Bryant Ministries

If you know of any songs About Anita Bryant that I missed, please let me know

Below, thanks to the Pacifica Radio Archives for allowing me to stream
this special news feature, first aired the day after the Dade County election

Stream, 48 minutes