October 2014
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We lost the great talent of Sid Spencer to AIDS, in 1996, and besides that loss on a human level,
I regret the wonderful music he never got to create. I feel he was one of our very best country
artists, with a smooth voice that could have taken him far. I am thankful for the four albums he
did share with us, and in this show I hope to pay tribute to him. I am also grateful I am able to share
two hours of unreleased, live performance material, captured with love by his family and friends.


Part 1 - 59:54
Dancin' Thru Texas (1993)
You're the One Who's Leavin' (1993)
The One I'd Never Find (1993)
Put You Out of My Misery (1993)
How Do I Wrap My Heart Up for Christmas (1994)
When It's Christmas Time in Texas (1994)
Out-N-About, Again (1995)
It's Ain't Over (1995)
Four In the Morning (1995)
You Gotta Swim (1995)
Just a Memory (1995)
Fallin' in Love (1995)
One More Payment / The Chair / Oh Lonesome Me (live)
I Owe You (1996)
Tryin' To Get To You (1996)
The Dance (1996)
All I Can Handle (1995)

Sid Spencer Live Performance Songs, 1988 - 1996

Part 2 - 59:19
Button Off of My Shirt
Love Me
Oh, Lonesome Me
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Love Without End, Amen
Help Me Hold On
Next To You, Next To Me
The Chair
It Ain't Nothin'
Is It Still Over
That Just About Does It
I'm Gonna Be Somebody
Lovin' Strangers
The One I'd Never Find
When It's Christmas Time in Texas
Blues Stay Away From Me
Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away

Part 3 - 57:37
Written in Stone
Houston Solution
Live and Learn
Killin' Time
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
The Dance
If I Didn't Love You
Texas Tattoo
When My Ship Comes In
My Blue Angel
Hard Workin' Man
Cadillac Ranch
Somebody Paints the Wall
Somewhere Other Than the Night
American Honky-Tonk Bar Association
Statue of a Fool
Story of Love
Drinkin' Champagne
One More Payment